The Perfect Styles to suit a Modern and Contemporary Home

modern and contemporary interiors for the home

Modern and contemporary are two completely different styles of furniture although some people may argue that they are the same. Modern designs often refer to a period of time such a style that was created in the 1950s and this style will never change because it is defined.

Contemporary furniture however is ever changing and is a style of the moment which changes through the times rather than sticking to a certain period. No matter which style is favoured the most they both look fantastic in the home and they provide the interior of houses with an airy and fresh feel in comparison to other styles available from the décor industry.

To explain both modern and contemporary décor a little clearer of how both these styles can both be used in the home then read the following tips and explanations:

The term modern refers to “Mid Century Modern” and it is mostly recognizable due to its clean and homely pieces which are often made up of natural materials. These natural materials are often wood, leather, linen, teak and plastic, a very popular choice for modern furnishings.

One of the great factors about modern décor and furnishings is because it is accessible from many home décor shops and online stores and at excellent prices as it is such a popular style and interior choice to have in the home. A great store to look at for modern interior and décor is Fusion Living who offer a great selection of Loft Robin Day polo chairs.

The contemporary style means it is ‘existing, occurring or living at the same time’ so anything contemporary will have been designed now rather than referring to designs in the past. All contemporary furniture is popular as which means this exciting choice of interior is just as accessible as modern styles, and depending where you choose to shop you will find a selection of contemporary items to suit the home perfectly.

As contemporary furniture is ever changing it is difficult to pin-point its exact style but it can be anything from unique or odd shaped furniture or accessories, to open plan layouts in the home with over-sized large windows.

Both contemporary and modern homes tend to stick to the same styles of materials in furniture and colour schemes as décor is very much like fashion in a sense that everyone wants their house to look fresh, inviting and up-to-date and this can be done to suit all sorts of different budgets.


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  1. Amanda Cottingham
    May 27, 2013 / 10:18 am

    Just my kind of style this one. I especially love the desk and the beautiful tapered legs!

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