Creating a Modern, Contemporary Bedroom

Today’s post has lots of hints and tips for creating a modern, contemporary bedroom you can be proud of.


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When redesigning a bedroom, the easy option is to go down the simple traditional route of both layout and décor. It can be very exciting to be a little more daring and create something that goes in a modern, contemporary direction.

To be more daring unfortunately means to have a bit more of a challenge on your hands, but is a challenge that is very rewarding when objectives are met. Designing a contemporary bedroom gets easier if you know all the tips and tricks in creating a thoroughly modern room.

The following are a selection of the most important points that need to be considered when designing a contemporary bedroom.


Using the space

A modern bedroom tends to have the edge of minimalism and so will not be stuffed full of furniture and add-ons, but for the pieces you do need to place in the room, it is vital that the space available is used effectively and efficiently.

Big and imposing furniture is not the way to go about setting up a modern bedroom; instead, go for understated, but attractive furniture that works well with each other. A contemporary bedroom will require the bare essentials in terms of furniture, so a bed, a mirrored bedside, a wardrobe and a chest of draws will generally be enough.

When it comes to additional storage, the idea is harness hidden compartments that appear in items such as beds or hideaway closets.



Colours are important in any modern room and the bedroom is no different. The general décor will be full of neutral tones, but one wall is usually worked in as a feature wall that is adorned with a vibrant paint colour or similar wallpaper. Furniture should be in contrast to the décor of the walls so it makes it stand out against the easy colours; this can be helped via accessories such as bedding or curtains.

It can be a great idea to create a theme throughout the room; so using the same coloured furniture and any patterns in one place should be mimicked elsewhere (bedding the same design as the curtains, for example).

Making sure not to deviate too much from the rest of the house’s décor is another thing to watch out for; a modern room has a large element of expression, but will look out of place if too different to other rooms in the home.


Getting the right feel for the room 

Contemporary styles differ from person to person. Some may go for slightly more traditional elements such as wooden oak furniture that takes on modern designs, whereas others will go for furniture and accessories that operate in straight lines and simple base colours.

Speaking of accessories, lamps, mirrors and cushions are vital in completing a modern feel and help bring the room together, especially when using matching colours to other implements in the room such as curtains and bedding.

Lighting is also a very important element to harness in a modern room, as it needs to accentuate the various angles in the room, as well as colours and focus areas within the room. Spotlights are a popular option, but the use of floor lamps and table lamps should not be underestimated, especially the former; a stylish floor lamp can do wonders for a room, both in lighting and in design.


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