How to Decorate a Modern Minimalist Home in 10 Simple Steps

Today’s fabulous post written by Joanna, has some fabulous ideas and tips on how to decorate a modern minimalist home. If you dream of having a clutter free space, you have to read on. Enjoy!

How to decorate a modern minimalist homeSimplicity has been named as the ultimate tribute to elegance and sophistication by the great artist Leonardo Da Vinci.

If you agree with that statement and want to give your home a makeover, then read on as you too can achieve your own minimalist-styled interiors in 10 simple (but not easy!) steps.

The basic foundation of minimalism lies in challenging yourself with the concept of ‘necessity’ as it’s all about removing the outer layers and creating a stunning yet simple space.

Minimalism also requires tactful and subtle focal points and allows you to experiment by adding bold details and intricacies and giving your interiors an exciting edge.

Functional, beautiful and simple can all be achieved in this décor when one adheres to basic prerequisites:

Remember that minimalism is more than art, it’s a philosophy of living with less.

When creating mood boards and considering furniture pieces repeat the mantra in your head that “less is more”. That in itself requires skill and discipline, particularly for many of us who enjoy shopping and tend to bring home any new random items found in the street markets.

Minimalism is all about removing clutter and using multi-functional items that allow us to reduce the space occupied by multiple objects.

Start with a blank canvas

Be prepared to remove items that have grown to be a part of your life. Removing old clutter can be a cathartic experience, so plan and don’t stop yourself from throwing anything away. Be honest and objective with yourself – do you really need to keep that old worn out sofa? Plan, browse and plan again! In the end, you will be proud of yourself for re-shaping your space and breathing new life into your old tired interiors.

Consider colours

Clean, neutral and organic colours such as white, black and chestnut brown are the essence of minimalism. These should be your background colours when working with floors, walls and furniture pieces. Feel free to experiment but make sure not to exceed a saturation point with colours. If those red curtains work for your interiors, then keep them! However be considerate and keep an ‘organic’ trend consistent throughout.

Choose the right materials

As with the colours, materials should also give away an organic feel. Glass, wood and soft fabrics are a must. Little diversions such as aluminium and plastic are allowed – but remember to choose items with simple shapes, polished surfaces and soft edges.

Find a quirky new accessory

How to decorate a modern minimalist home

Add a cherry on top of your minimalist cake by complementing your interiors with a funky new accessory.

This ultra-compact LED lamp called Cubert has a minimal footprint with a very small impact on your surface space. It also combines USB slots with mains sockets meaning no more ugly wires and cables on your floor that would damage the minimalist look.

In addition to that, this lamp is energy efficient by shining bright for more than 50000 hours, so choose items that would serve your interiors long term.

Incorporate contemporary technology

Some young minimalist home decorators, remove all of their electronics such as TVs or computers to create a technology-free zone and a relaxing non-disrupting atmosphere. Don’t commit that mistake and turn into an all-or-nothing dilemma.

Minimalism is about modernity too, so keep your iMac where it was as it would complement the style. Make sure to keep the nasty cables in a bundle, and use a cable management system to keep them tidy!

Create lots of space

The basic premise of minimalist interiors is to give its inhabitants lots of space. Living in a small flat? No problem. Create an impression of spaciousness by letting lots of light into your rooms, using bright colours and replacing doors with sliding walls and walls with white curtains.

Is your place all open space? Even better! Combining rooms into one space gives an impression of spaciousness and allows you to reduce space footprint.

Add a twist!

Small but a visibly strong accent such as a colourful cushion, an eccentric wall painting or unusually shaped sculpture is advisable. Customise your interiors with a dash of personal touch!

Choose a style that fits you

Minimalist does not mean clinical and boring. Minimalism can have many angles – Japanese, Scandinavian, industrial or Soho. Minimalist styles can be incorporated into all aspects of the home, the walls, ceiling, and floors. Consider Wood Acoustic Slat Wall Panels for a contemporary minimalist style that is unlikely to look dated any time in the near future.

Keep it organised and tidy.

Having a clean and simple space helps reduce your stress levels and allows you find balance. If you slowly start filling your space with clutter again it will lose its minimalistic charm, so remember: Minimalism is always work in progress.

Make your home a sanctuary where you can find peace and relaxation. Turn minimalism into a lifestyle.

How to decorate a modern minimalist home in 10 simple steps

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  1. Jake
    October 16, 2015 / 9:11 am

    That was a lovely post, thank you! I try to avoid black and white furniture, makes me sick. But I love brown, and soft green, so I suppose i can figure it out 🙂 It would be lovely to read something more about the different minimalism types – “Japanese, Scandinavian, industrial or Soho.” Thanks again.

  2. Daniel Guillan
    October 16, 2015 / 10:42 am

    I’m a fan of minimalist design. Thanks for the tips. I like the Cubert lamp. I tweeted this.

  3. Molly
    October 18, 2015 / 12:10 pm

    I like the tip to “Add a twist” – I’ve been going very minimalist over the past few house moves, but now I think it’s time to add a few things back in, as even minimalist homes need a bit of personality!

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