How to Create a Contemporary Home With Dwell

If you follow the blog regularly, you’ll know how much a fan I am of a contemporary look. I love the clean lines, the uncluttered styling and the elimination of fussy detailing. It’s always been my go-to style, and whilst over the years it has evolved and adapted with the introduction of newer trends, I still retain these designs at the heart of my home.

So, today I’ve chosen some great pieces and accessories from interiors retailer dwell, which, if you’re also a fan of a contemporary home, you will love. Let’s take a look around.

Contemporary Living Room:







Ankara Sofa ||  Geo cushion || Yellow throw || Paragon cushion

Corner or chaise sofas have grown in popularity in the last few years, with even smaller homes now able to invest in one that suits their space. This Ankara sofa in super soft velvet combines two big trends of this year, and most likely for 2018 too, adding a velvet fabric to this popular sofa design.

To give this look some vibrancy I’ve added yellow geometric designed cushions and cushion covers and accessorised with a yellow throw. If yellow isn’t your thing, there are a multitude of colours to choose when combining with the neutral palette of a plain grey sofa. Try pinks for a softer look, or add greens and blues for a more complementary feel.

Contemporary Bedroom:

Bed || Multicoloured rug || Bison wall decoration || Notch bedside table 

A white bed can be the epitome of an unfussy modern home, but sometimes, particularly in my case, you want to liven it up with colour and texture. So how about adding a vibrant multicoloured wool rug like this one. Keep the walls and bedding quite simple and plain and add pattern and design through your home accessories.

I love a few cute and quirky wall adornments and so this metal bison head in a silver finish suits me just perfectly. Now, whilst it isn’t always the done thing, and many of us like to match our bedroom furniture, I quite like a bit of eclectic contemporary styling and feel that adding the warmth of a darker wood to your bedside tables will give this look some interest, and prevent it feeling drab and too ‘done’. Adding the Notch bedside cabinet in the walnut finish gives the room some personality, don’t you think?

Contemporary Home Office:








Desk  || Chair  || Clock  || Rug 

The home office can become incredibly cluttered very quickly if we aren’t careful (I should know, mine is always in need of a good cleanup!) so adding in storage is essential. I love this clear desk with built-in drawers for exactly that reason. At the end of the day it’s so easy to clear away your paperwork and hide in a drawer ready to retrieve it the following day. The clear desk finish allows the room to feel light and airy, and adding in a white desk chair, and some metallic accessories continue this look perfectly. If you want a little colour, bring it into the floor with a darker rug to warm up the space.

Contemporary Dining Room:







Table || Chair  || Art || Vase 

I definitely think that the dining room is the ideal space for a contemporary look. This beautiful table and chairs are simple and elegant, and both practical and stylish. White and grey combines with the darker wood, offering a warmth to the cooler shades, softening its whole appearance. So many dining chairs are hard and uncomfortable, why not add statement chairs that can be used in the rest of the home too, and have some comfort at the dining table.

Of course, if you have the space a sideboard is the perfect addition to any dining room, but equally so is art. Colourful, vibrant art brings a room to life, simple choose a few colours that can be replicated through the rest of the room and the space soon starts to feel coordinated. The black geometric designed vase completes the look.

So, there you go, easy ideas that can be used to create a lovely contemporary home.

Is this a look that you love for your home? I’d love to know your thoughts so do leave a comment below.

Jen x

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All imagery courtesy of dwell

Jen Stanbrook
Jen Stanbrook

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  1. Steven Joe
    December 28, 2017 / 10:08 am

    Yes. this is the look I would love to have for my home. It seems your choice and my choice is same as I too like contemporary looks.

  2. Tilesbay
    December 29, 2017 / 3:59 pm

    I love contemporary. The bedroom is just wow.

  3. Lindsey
    January 17, 2018 / 8:00 pm

    OK, that’s good! Reminds me of the Scandinavian interior design :))

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