10 Easy Ways to a Beautiful Guest Bedroom this Christmas

If you’re planning on welcoming guests into your home this Christmas for a prolongued period, they’ll need somewhere comfortable to stay. Creating the ideal guest bedroom isn’t as tricky as you think, particularly when you follow these 10 easy steps for a beautiful guest room setup.

10 Easy Ways to a Beautiful Guest Bedroom

#1 Create an atmosphere:

Making guests feel welcome in your home is easier than you think and really very rewarding. All you need is a space that feels well thought out and a few extra touches to make it feel homely. Try not to use old sheets and lumpy bed, but even the loveliest guest bedroom can be put together quite inexpensively.

#2 Thoughtful touches:

Sometimes it’s just the little things that make all the difference. Whether it’s a small jar of flowers, a scented candle or a little basket of spare toiletries. Just a few little pieces can help a visitor feel relaxed and part of your space.

#3 Luxurious bedding:

A good night’s sleep starts with some beautiful bedding like this Grey and White waffle set from Silentnight. Some soft sheets help keep us cool and comfortable giving your guests the best night possible. Oh and they look pretty great too. The subtle waffle texture adds something a little different to the bed and the look of the room. They’re available at the following places: Shop Direct, Very / Littlewoods, Amazon, QVC, Dreams, Co-op and Robert Dyas

#4 Good lighting:

Don’t forget to add a bedside lamp to the guest room, as well as the usual overhead brighter light. It’s a great way to increase the atmosphere, and of course offers something practical and useful too.

#5 Warmth and comfort:

Plenty of soft pillows and a gorgeous wool throw ensure your guests keep warm and comfortable during their stay. It’s also a great way to add colour and softness to the bed, helping the room feel even more inviting.

#6 A Simple Chair:

I know it might seem a little strange, but a chair is a great accessory in a guest room. It gives the visitor somewhere to store overnight clothes or personal belongings and adds some style to a corner of the space too.

#7 Storage:

Give your guests somewhere to store their belongings and clothes. Some spare space in a wardrobe or a clothes hanger, or even some lovely coat hangers on the back of the door. Anything can work; it’s the thoughtful touches that offer the welcome.

#8 Rest and Relaxation:

One thing guests love when staying in a welcoming host’s home is the chance to rest and relax away from the daily business of their own lives. So let them. Offer a little R&R in the shape of a few magazines or books in which to indulge or maybe even a tv and a box set. You could even go so far as to include a coffee machine and a few snacks. Don’t make it too comfortable though, you might never see them!

#9 Uncluttered space:

If you’re lucky enough to have a spare room to use for your guests then fantastic. Many of us aren’t, and the guest room often doubles up as an office, and storage space and even a home gym. If that’s the case, just make sure you pack away the clutter and make the room as fuss free as possible.

#10 A Lazy Morning:

Give your guests a lazy morning in bed now and again and treat them with a tray of morning goodies, and even breakfast in bed. You never know they may well reciprocate next time you go and visit them.

Images: All my own, copyright Jen Stanbrook

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