25 Christmas Tree Trends, Themes and Ideas [2023]

The holiday season has arrived so let’s look at the Christmas tree trends for 2023! 

Every year we pull out our Christmas trees, hoping to give them a new lease of life, ready to adorn them with our favorite Christmas decorations and embrace the festive season. If you’re looking for new Christmas Tree inspiration then you’re in the right place.

For years I’ve been watching Christmas trends, writing about them, using then in my own home and adapting them to suit my style and tastes. 

​If you’re looking for help to update your Christmas tree theme this season then I’m here to help. I’ve collected over 25 beautiful Christmas tree ideas, themes and trends you can use in your own home to create a winter wonderland of festive joy!

Let’s dig into the Christmas tree trends, themes and ideas of 2023. 

1. Christmas Color of the Year 2023

If you’re one for adopting the latest trends, look no further than a Christmas tree adorned in the Christmas color of the Year! Whilst pinks and pastels are still going strong (emboldened no doubt from the Barbie summer shades) I’m going to be bold and say Blue is the Christmas color to adopt this festive season.

2. White and Silver Christmas Tree Theme

Let’s take your artificial Christmas tree and add a white color scheme for simplicity, sophistication and an update on a Scandinavian look we’ve adored for so long. Christmas decor trends evolve but some are too good to do away with.

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3. Blue Christmas Tree Ideas

This Christmas season you can be bold and bright with your decorations and if you’ve adopted a Blue Christmas tree trend, there’s no better base to showcase your decorative skills. Why not try blue, red and gold as above, or keep it simple with whites, golds and silvers. Personally I think you can make quite a statement by adding lots of pink, purple and lilacs for a stunningly colorful Christmas tree theme.

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4. White and Gold Christmas Trees

The white Christmas tree is a modern classic and many enjoy the simplicity and elegance this tree brings to the festive home. I like to add lots of white ornaments and plenty of gold ribbons for a lustrous finish.

5. Black Christmas Trees

I owned a black Christmas tree for many years and used to decorate it with bright colors and metallic ornaments. In recent years we’ve seen the Black tree fall out of favour but those like this ombre Christmas tree above are still in vogue and quite popular. Now I’d add lots of gold, silver and even brass ornaments for a decadent look.

6. Creative Christmas Trees

There are all kinds of ways to be creative with your Christmas trees, from decorating ideas to color schemes, lights and even what you use as a tree topper. Let your imagination and creativity run wild!

7. Cute Christmas Tree

Wayfair Mermaidcore

If you love cute and whimsical Christmas tree then you’re in luck, this look is bang on trend this season. From mermaids, to beyond the planet, to woodland and fairies.

8. Unique Christmas Trees

Now there’s no one way to create a unique Christmas and this will very much come down to your own style, personality and collection of ornaments. My advice is to think creatively. Take ideas from places like this article and connect different looks. You might like pastels on a twig tree for example, or oversized ornaments on a black tree. Whatever your choice, the way you decorate your tree will be unique to you.

9. Cluster of Christmas Trees


This is a trend we’ve seen coming through the stores this season and is perfect for a small living room. Choose a cluster of smaller Christmas trees to create a festive feel. Use them on coffee tables, sideboards and mantlepieces – display in sets of 2, 3 or 5 for maximum impact.

​10. Traditional Christmas Tree Looks

For many there’s nothing quite like a classic Christmas with a traditional tree packed full of red ornaments. If this look feels good for you, embrace it. It has a feel-good style that most people warm to.

11. Pretty Christmas Trees

The pastel color palette has been a big trend since Barbie graced our screens in the summer of 2023 and so it’s only natural that this flows through to our Christmas tree ideas this holiday season. If pink and pastels are your thing, embrace them and make it as pretty as you can.

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12. Elegant Christmas Trees

Adding a touch of sophistication to your Christmas tree is easy with the vast array of elegant Christmas decorations in the shops. Add some large glass baubles, some feather picks and touches of gold for pure class.

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13. Minimal Christmas Tree

Are you a fan of a minimalist style? Whilst it’s not one of the new trends, keeping your tree minimal and bare is a feature in a Scandinavian or clutter-free home. Whilst the image above shows lots of jewel tones, you can add plenty of soft neutrals to a tree like this and embrace the cool minimal Christmas tree trend.

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14. Snowy Christmas Tree

Get yourself a flocked Christmas tree, some pine cones and add lots of natural elements like twigs, acorns and leaves to create the perfectly decorated snowy Christmas tree. Keep the color scheme white and simple for added effect.

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15. Alternative Christmas trees

Christmas decorating can be hugely fun if you adopt the alternative Christmas tree trend. We’ve had lots of these around the home over the years from Christmas tree stickers on the walls, to homemade twig trees in a vase. If space is limited the alternative tree can be a welcome addition to your festive decorations.

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16. Vintage Christmas Theme for Trees

Vintage-inspired designs are seen through landmark Christmas tree decorations and Royal-esque baubles. Combine these with family heirlooms and nostalgia pieces and you have a retro, vintage Christmas tree theme.

17. Small Christmas Trees


A small space needs a small Christmas tree. From tabletop trees to tree candles, small potted Christmas trees and beyond there are a myriad of small Christmas tree ideas that keep your home looking festive and don’t take up too much space. Opt for a narrow slim Christmas tree if you have the height but not the width, and smaller versions if you simply don’t want to be over powered by baubles and tinsel.

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19. Boho Christmas Tree

A boho Christmas decor is one of texture, features, macrame, lace and natural elements. This beautiful Boho Christmas tree idea is one we can all adopt and looks perfect in a Boho style living room.

20. Pink Christmas Tree Designs

Yes I know it’s kitsch but wow, if you love pink then go for it. Add it in abundance but ensure you match up the depth of your shades. If using a bright, hot pink, you’ll want complementary colors in similar intensities – bright red, bright blue, strong orange, and deep purple will make an eye-catching wow factor on your Christmas tree this holiday season.

21. Farmhouse Christmas Trees

Create a cozy atmosphere with a nostalgic green and gold Christmas tree perfect for a farmhouse or country style home. Add lots of ribbons and bows in pretty patterns, ginghams and checks.

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22. DIY Christmas Tree

You don’t have to forego traditional Christmas colours even if you want to DIY your Christmas tree this year. There are lots of ways to create your own tree, from lights strung on a wall, to hanging sticks and twigs in a vase. Add candles, gifts and homemade decorations to give it a truly personal feel.

23. Pastel Christmas Tree Ideas

Soft and pretty festive themes are in abundance this year, so if you love a sweet candy style Christmas theme, this one is for you. Keep all your colors soft and light, lean into peach, lilac, and pink tones layered with silver and white for a truly sweet shop extravaganza.

24. Marvellous Metallics

Adopting modern metallics on your Christmas tree is a safe theme for those that want to move away from a classic, traditional look but don’t want lots of color. I fall back on this trend year after year. Add burlap around the base, lots of white candles and even some sheepskin rugs for the full effect.

25. Woodland Christmas Tree Theme

The woodland Christmas tree theme is a big one in 2023 and has been building momentum for some time. This year we are seeing lots of wooden ornaments, red berries, natural materials such as hessian and lots of natural colors. Bring them together with some of the trending Christmas ornaments (keep reading for our full list) such as mushrooms and you’ve got a wonderful Woodland tree fit for the fairies.

Don’t forget your fairy lights!

No tree is complete without Christmas tree lights. Ensure they coordinate with your scheme so think warm and white for metallic trees, colorful for the Pastel theme, and sparkling for your Woodland look.

Trending Christmas Tree Ornaments

I’m sure you like to add to your collection of Christmas tree decorations each year – I know I do. Whether you buy new or like to rummage at the thrift and charity stores, there are lots of new decoration ideas around this holiday season.

Mushrooms: They’re EVERYWHERE! Whilst mushrooms haven’t really take off in interiors, even though we predicted them as an interior trend, they are very popular this Christmas. If you do nothing else, buy a few new mushrooms for your tree.

Owl Tree Ornaments: We’re also seeing a LOT of owls in the Christmas tree decoration departments. Cute and fluffy, bejewelled and metallic, there’s one for every style and theme.

Nutcracker: They’re classic ornaments that grow in popularity every year and this season is no exception. If you haven’t jumped on the trend yet, now could be the time.

Acorns: Perfect for a Scandi or Twig tree, and lovely on a Woodland / Fairy Christmas tree theme, there are lots of these ornaments around. Or why not use the real thing!

What is the trend in Christmas tree decorating 2023?

Whilst trends come and go, this year we’re seeing much more color including pastels, pinks and lilacs, alongside stronger blues. Woodland and Whimsical themes are going to be big alongside mushroom and owl tree decorations.

When should you put your Christmas tree up 2023?

Since the pandemic, we are seeing Christmas trees go up earlier and earlier. In the US we often wait until Thanksgiving is done, but in the UK many are putting up trees in November when traditionally we waited until the beginning of December, at least!

What is in style for Christmas trees this year?

At this most wonderful time of the year, we’re seeing more maximalism in our tree decorations, lots of texture with feathers, paper and natural ornaments, and a nod to pastel pinks and lilacs as a hangover from the Barbiecore summer trends.

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