Nordic Inspired Christmas Tree

Well here it is. My first Christmas post for 2016 and I’m talking about Christmas trees.

The lovely people at Homebase asked me to pick out my favourite look from their collection in the Christmas decorations Look Book and I’ve gone with this one, Nordic Shelter.

nordic-shelterIn past years we’ve adopted more of a twig tree for our main tree (we have a few) and actually the children and whole family really like it. But I’m missing the glory of a beautiful, lush Christmas tree, real or faux and this one has me pining for it even more.

I have suggested that this year we revert to a more traditional faux tree but they are having none of it, and are demanding we stick with the twig variety. Oh well.

So the trick to getting your look correct is to start with the right kind of tree. Obviously a full, rich tree, real or faux is perfect for this style and the taller the better. Thinner trees have become more popular in recent years which is great when you’re limited for floor space but have the ceiling height.

Once you have your tree start building up the decorations. I always say you don’t need to buy all new, even if you want to create a new look. Just add some key pieces to start updating and remove any old decorations that would really jar (for example, a pile of shiny red baubles won’t work here). You’ll start to see your signature look coming together then.


No don’t underestimate the number of hanging decorations you’ll need. Often you need way more than you think you will, and a tree can look empty if you don’t go for it. I’m sure you have family baubles too that you like to hang every year that will work for this look.

Try and keep to the colours of silver and pale blue for this, it works best, helping to maintain that ‘frosty’ look. A good purchase would be the Nordic Shelter 50 tree decorations pack for £9 to really give your tree a boost for this look.

Mixing this style with neutral pale wood pieces is a great way to give it the Scandi feeling, and adding some simply wrapped gifts in plain paper is perfect too.

Check out their full Christmas collection today to shop the ranges.

What do you think of this look? Is this one you could adopt for your Christmas decorating this year?

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  1. Maria
    November 5, 2016 / 10:05 pm

    I love your tree so much! Thanks for the inspiration

  2. Arvind
    November 7, 2016 / 5:01 am

    AH! That’s a great piece of writing. Merry Christmas in Advance

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