French Christmas Decorating Ideas for the Home

Want to add some French Christmas decorating ideas to your home this year? Keep reading.

There’s a hint of Christmas magic in the air isn’t there? Time soon to dig out the Christmas decorations, untangle the fairy lights ( cursing ) and almost always, add one or two new shiny baubles to the Christmas collection! 

French christmas star lights

So, what better occasion to add simple, French charm than at Christmas using natural textures and tones to sprinkle on some festive magic?

Here are some easy Christmas decorating ideas for a Rustic French Home from Katie Anderson over at Love French Style Blog.

Fresh, woody scents, warm lighting and natural textures are top of the list for a Rustic French Home at Christmas, but a few little seasonal rituals can be all it takes to turn a great Christmas into a truly special one.

In France, the Christmas markets usually start early in the month and can be a great place to find handmade goods or treats to decorate at home, it’s a real family time.

The French style Christmas is a natural one, full of the scents of the season and lots of delicious things to please the senses, here’s a few simple ways to jump in on the magic.

French Christmas Decorating Idea for the Home

French Christmas Seasonal Foliage


Christmas time is all about the greenery isn’t it?

From the classic tree to the garland wrapped around the banister on the stairs, green really is the colour of Christmas.

Great news for anyone who loves bringing a little of the outdoors into their home décor and using natural foliage is a cheap alternative to mass-produced decorations.

If you’re unsure where to start then eucalyptus is a fantastic foliage to use at Christmas time, not only for its lovely dusty green-blue leaves but also because it has the most wonderful, subtle scent.

If you can find a nice bell jar, a fresh bunch of eucalyptus with some mistletoe berries will last for weeks on an entrance hall sideboard, maybe accompanied by some homemade treats to welcome visitors and it will stay looking fabulous once dried too.

A French Christmas is simple and not too overdone, one that the whole family can enjoy getting prepared for.

Why not set off on a winter walk together and forage branches and pinecones to decorate your home with?

Natural looking window displays will pop with your finds – the charm is all about the simplicity.

French Style Homemade Advent Calendars

Image : Annie Sloan

The countdown to Christmas is the best part for most little people wherever you’re celebrating in the world and the advent calendar can become a really special tradition.

If you love baking at Christmas time, try making traditional French madeleines with Christmas spice.

These are lovely little scallop shaped cakes made from a simple sponge recipe and you can add dried fruit or cinnamon to make them really seasonal.

Chocolate truffles are easier to make than you might imagine but you could also try making traditional cinnamon biscuits.

These can be delicious treats to add to a homemade advent calendar and a yummy way to count down to the big day!

French Christmas Table Décor

A simple but beautiful Christmas starts with planning the Christmas table. Adding that lovely French country Christmas style  is easy using natural touches to create a really elegant but undone look.

A crisp white tablecloth is the key ingredient to your Christmas tablescape, followed by a bit of height with a centre decoration and tall candlesticks combined with twinkling fairylights and natural wood and glass decorations.

Mixing up antique and contemporary is very much part of the French look so bring out your old candlesticks, hand-me-down Grandma plates and silver cutlery to combine rustic and chic seamlessly.

Using foliage as part of the table décor is a great way to bring the Christmas table to life.

Just pop a sprig on top of each napkin and tie it in place with a nice ribbon or some rustic string or create a centre piece using berries and the pine cones or excess branches from the tree cut to size around the base of your candles.

You could even dry out slices of orange in a low oven on parchment paper for a couple of hours and then spray them with some Christmas scent and add them to window or table displays.

A Natural French Christmas Door Wreath

Image : Heavenly Homes and Gardens

There are loads of online tutorials this year on flower arranging and making wreaths, thankfully, but you can also make a simple, but effective rustic door wreath using floristry wire and some foraged branches and flowers.

Just be careful to select branches and berries that can last the Christmas period, eucalyptus is a great choice as it won’t lose its leaves and is easy to weave around the wire and pin in place.

The key with making wreaths is to build up the layers slowly and carefully.

Sometimes just a few branches tied to one side of the wire wreath can look really smart and effective so don’t feel you need to go overboard.

Why not entwine some battery-operated fairy lights within the greenery for a sparkling Christmas entrance to see you right through to the new year?

Christmas Candles and Room Sprays

The French Christmas is a traditional one, with simple lighting and handmade goodies to decorate the tree with.

Above all, it’s about sharing and creating memories though isn’t it?

The smells, the colours and the textures of Christmas really make it the special occasion that it is.

Scented candles are a great way to bring that added ambience into your home and depending on your tastes there are loads to choose from.  

Pine, Citrus and Cinnamon are all great perfumes to deploy at Christmas whether you choose to use a natural room spray to spritz on the tree branches or around the house on Christmas morning or with scented candles on the fireplace.

Christmas Lanterns

Image : Lights For Fun

Metallic lanterns arranged around the fireplace can help create a beautiful, festive scene on Christmas eve and make a living room feel so cosy.

A simple glass lantern is a great, safe place to house your scented Christmas candles and if you choose a few different ones of varying heights and shapes then you can add loads of character to even the simplest mantlepiece or shelf.

Scatter a few pinecones in between or you could also try stacking logs under a shelf with your lanterns on top to create a focal point and create the illusion of a fireplace if you don’t have one.

Candles alight, what better place to gather around as a family under the glow of the lanterns on Christmas night and look back on the magical day you’ve just had?

Joyeuses Fêtes !



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