5 Easy Ways to Update your Christmas Decorations

This week’s Moodboard on contemporary Christmas decorations got me thinking on the best ways to update my Christmas theme for this year, and how I could do this without spending a fortune. So, I’ve put together some Top Tips for updating your decorations and giving your home that modern Christmas feel.

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1. Declutter

I know we talk about this in relation to our home possessions, but it really does work for our Christmas decorations too. Go through your Decorations box and throw out all the old, broken and tired baubles. Take out anything in good condition that you haven’t used for a few years and take it to the charity shop or recycling point. Look at what’s left and sort into colour schemes or sets that would look good together. You never know a whole new look or theme will jump out at you once you’ve done this, and give you the inspiration you might need to change.

2. Research

Have a look around at the home shops and in magazines to get a feel for current trends (if you like following them) or for the Christmas decoration ranges that are available. Decide on your budget (don’t blow it) and think about which areas of your decorations could do with some newly inspired pieces. Maybe it’s new baubles, or some different sorts of tree decorations. Maybe it’s the lights, or decorations for the rest of the house. Whatever it is, have a plan before you hit the shops.

3. Homemade

Think about adding something unique with homemade decorations. There are lots of websites and blogs out there that will give you inspiration. Try Red Ted Art for things to make for the kids, or for more grown up craft activities look at House to Home. Including homemade decorations on your tree or in your home will really add that personal touch and give you lots of fun along the way too.

4.Update your Tree

If like me you have an artificial tree, think about changing it for something completely different. It’s no secret that I’ve been hankering after on of the prelit twig trees which would totally update the look of my decorations this year. I think this would also mean that I’d be changing many of the tree decorations too so it’s a big outlay and one I’m still considering. Think about going for a white tree for a more modern look, or update your green tree with one with artificial snow for a more winter wonderland feel. If you have a real tree each year it can still look contemporary and modern if you keep your decorations simple and stick to just a few colours. For that more traditional look, go for reds and golds and let your creativity run free!

5. Add the Finishing Touch

When you’re decorating your home for Christmas don’t concentrate on just the tree. Think about how you can make the rest of the house feel Christmassy too. If you’ve a fireplace and mantle look at all the sparkly, frosted garlands you can use to decorate it with. Add baubles, mini trees, Christmas animals and use lots of textures and colours to achieve the look you want. Traditional or modern garlands always give your home a warm and cosy feel so don’t be afraid to give them a go. Garlands are also fabulous if you’re lucky enough to have open spindles on your staircase. Christmas lights aren’t just for the tree of course, and you can use them to decorate other rooms in the house. Pop them around mirrors, cupboards or pictures. Or arrange them in a vase as a table decoration with a twist. Many stores now sell prelit twigs to go in a vase too, which look stunning on the dining table or sideboard.

Whatever you decide to do, give your home that Christmas feel by doing what pleases you. Remember, the decorations have to be up for several weeks (often longer when we have children) so you need to be able to live with it for some time.

Me? Well I’m off to discover what Christmas at Homebase has in store this year to help me update my Christmas decorations! Where do you go for yours?

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  1. Mum of all trades
    November 23, 2012 / 12:51 pm

    Great tips. Decorations can get so expensive and I have to stop myself from buying anymore.

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  3. home decorations
    August 2, 2016 / 1:52 pm

    every year i need Update my CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS , thnx for this article

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