3 Fireplace Christmas Decorating Ideas For Any Home

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So the festive season is upon us and I’m creating some fireplace Christmas decorating ideas in today’s seasonal post.

I have 3 quite different looks for you, all quite achievable, not costing a huge amount, and all designed to help your fireplace and living room look and feel cosy this Christmas.

Sit back with a glass of festive cheer and peruse my ideas. I’d love to know what you think so do leave a comment or share the post if you are inspired.

Festive Elegance Christmas Fireplace

Simple and elegant fireplace Christmas decorating

This is a look that’s just simple and elegant. You don’t have to go overboard to create a stylish, yet minimal fireplace Christmas decor.

Elegant Fireplace Christmas Decorating Ideas:

What I’ve Used:

  • A simple hearth garland in lighter, paler colours so it’s not too overpowering
  • A selection of white pillar candles. You can use these around the Christmas fireplace; they’re not fussy and add a serene glow once lit at any time of the day or evening.
  • Add some height with a simple vase filled with one or two Christmas sprigs. If you want to create a more natural spray, use real Eucalyptus – the paler shade of this leaf will work well with the pale garland.
  • Fill a bowl with white and gold baubles or decorations to pop on the hearth.
  • Add some more candles and tealights in simple, neutral colours to bring some finishing touches.

Finally, switch on your fire and enjoy the warm glow alongside your stylish Christmas decor.

**Please note** You must ensure everything is securely in place around your fireplace and keep combustible and flammable products away from the fire. This applies to all of the 3 styling ideas in today’s post.  

simple and elegant fireplace Christmas decorating

In case you are wondering, my fireplace is actually gas. We love it. When we moved in around 16 years ago, there was an old 1980s gas fire installed, so we removed it all and replaced with a traditional style, more in keeping with the style of our Victorian home.

Ours is old now, but if you want something similar you can check out sites like Love Gas Fires to find one for your home. 

We could have installed a real fire but it was very costly and there are benefits to a gas fire which really appealed to us. We loved the idea of not having to always think about sourcing wood or coal for an open fire, for example.

Our fire creates a wonderful focal point in the room during the colder, winter months, creating a fabulous cosy atmosphere. My teenagers are often asking for the fire to be turned on around Christmas time when they snuggle with a hot chocolate and enjoy a Christmas movie; it helps create the perfect atmosphere.

simple and elegant fireplace Christmas decorating

I love this look, it’s a beautiful scheme to create against a dark or light wall and is neutral enough to work with many different Christmas trees.

Merry Mantel Fireplace Christmas Decorating

Everything in this next scheme has been reused from previous Christmases, foraged, made, or found in charity shops.

I call it my Merry Mantel because it makes me so happy to create a fireplace Christmas decorating idea which is sustainable and responsible.

Eco fireplace Christmas decorating idea

This whole look has a rustic feel. A nod to a Scandi decor but with a greener, eco base.

Merry Mantel Fireplace Christmas Decor:

What I’ve Used:

  • Foraged leaves, twigs and branches including ivy and holly – you may have to play around with these until you find pieces that don’t wither within a few days. Be wary of any pets or children as some of these plants will be spiky so use common sense.
  • You can really go to town and pile them on the mantel – the more the merrier in my opinion. Each fireplace will be different and have a unique design.
  • Use twine and washi tape to keep things in place.
  • Hang ivy to add greenery on the sides of the fireplace.
  • Tealights in glass jars make the perfect candlelight – add twine and stick in place to give them a more rustic feel.
  • Scour your charity shops to find a large glass vase and use it to hold foraged twigs – hang charity shop baubles from them if you want to create more interest.
  • Rummage through your old Christmas decorations box and see what else you have that could work with this scheme. You’ll be surprised how you can reuse and remodel what you already have.

Finally, find an old blanket, switch on your fire and settle back to enjoy your handiwork.

Eco fireplace Christmas decorating idea

Eco fireplace Christmas decorating idea

I love the fact that I can switch my fire on and control the amount of heat when I need it. On chillier days we have it on full for half an hour as soon as we come in, but rarely need it at that level for long.

Turning it down to the lower level means we keep the warmth trickling through into the room throughout the day and evening just as we need it – it’s so efficient in that way and easier to control than a real fire. And when we want to go to bed – off the fire goes – I feel safe and at ease knowing the fire is out.

Eco fireplace Christmas decorating idea

All of the items I used in this fireplace Christmas decorating were already in my home or from my garden and surrounding fields and countryside. It was such an easy look to create, I’d highly recommend it.

Colour Flash Christmas Fireplace

Finally, here’s the 3rd of my fireplace Christmas decorating ideas. This one is still green but has flashes of colour. You can interpret this in your own way, depending on what you have already and what colours work well with your decor.

So many of us stick to red and gold at Christmas, I wanted to show how your fireplace can look beautiful when styled with a few different colours.

colourful fireplace Christmas decorating idea

colourful fireplace Christmas decorating idea

I still love the use of greenery and garlands on the fireplace mantel so this one has a thicker garland – I’ve used the pale garland from my simple and elegant theme above but added some tinsel and real ivy, plus some fairy lights to bring it to life.

I wanted greens, pinks, reds and yellows in this scheme – I feel it works well with my darker wall and the black grate of the fireplace.

colourful fireplace Christmas decorating idea

Colour Flash Fireplace Christmas Decor:

What I’ve Used:

  • A simple garland enhanced with tinsel, real ivy and fairy lights. Use whatever you have to make it colourful and vibrant.
  • A selection of baubles in jewel and sparkling tones. Some are sprinkled through the garland, others are hung from the fireplace itself.
  • A coloured vase with eucalyptus and berries, plus a contemporary wreath mirroring the greenery.
  • Tall candles in differing colours dotted about the scheme will work well when the fire is on – again be careful with small children and pets.
  • More greenery in colourful pots and vases on the hearth help tie the scheme together.

colourful fireplace Christmas decorating idea

Switch on your fire when it’s cold, and enjoy a glass of something sparkly and a mince pie in front of your beautifully decorated fireplace.

Having the fire burning really helps make your fireplace Christmas decorating the focal point in the room – it’s the wow factor as you enter and draws the eye, quite rightly, straight to it.

There’s nothing quite like the glow of a fire in the centre of a Christmas fireplace and mantel. 

As I mentioned above, my fireplace is quite old – the surround was originally white but I painted it a few years ago to coordinate with the wall colour. Everything has aged well, it’s taken very little maintenance and was a great purchase for our room.

If you want to create something new and fresh for your fireplace you can buy from Love Gas Fires. There is such a great range of gas fires now, from stoves to more modern looks. I’m a huge fan of their 3D flame which look just like a real fire.

What do you think of my 3 fireplace Christmas decorating ideas? Is there one that you would adopt for your fireplace this festive season? I’d love to know so leave me a comment below!


Jen x

Jen Stanbrook
Jen Stanbrook

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This is a paid promotional post

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