10 Easy Kitchen Transformation Ideas for Every Home

Would you like some easy kitchen transformation ideas ready for Christmas or the New Year? Look no further and keep reading!

A kitchen is one of the most important parts of a house as it’s where we all tend to congregate – it’s the hub of the home.

All great house parties, romantic dinners and family breakfasts start here. Getting just the right décor for your kitchen makes huge difference as it enhances the mood of the chef, makes cooking more fun and gives the family somewhere to get together.

If you are planning on remodeling your kitchen, here are some ideas which can easily revolutionise the space.

1. Get a Modern Tap System

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Gone are the days of boring old taps as smart taps are here to easily update your kitchen style.

There are excellent U.K based kitchen and bathroom hardware supplier options who have great tap systems which can help you control the temperature, flow direction and intensity of your water with one button.

2. Keep adequate sockets

Sockets are a basic necessity in today’s world as we need them for our kitchen gadgets and smart devices.

It’s a simple update, but one you need to do at the beginning of your design ideally. Keep plenty of sockets to power up all your cooking appliances. And of course, you can also charge your phone while cooking.

3. Create Well Ventilated Spaces

The kitchen can be one of the hottest rooms of the house. If you are rebuilding or remodelling, keep this in mind and aim to create a well ventilated, airy space to help combat this.

Don’t install your central heating thermostat here or you’ll find the rest of the house very cold indeed.

4. Let in Light

Image: Magnet Kitchens

A kitchen should be well lit to help with food preparation and cooking, as well as lighting to enhance eating areas like breakfast bars. You’ll want task lighting as well as spots and more subtle atmospheric lighting.

Of course nothing beats natural light in the daytime and if you’re kitchen is particularly dull, you can always install a sun tunnel

5. Increase Storage

Keep ample storage space to ensure that all your utensils, knives, appliances, spices and tableware is well organised and easy to access.

Kitchen storage will make or break the kitchen design and aesthetic so don’t skimp on this area of creating and updating your kitchen.  

6. Make the Best Use of Space

Make use of these odd spaces such as the area under the sink, a random nook, above and behind the door for storage.

Fit in racks and storage boxes and caddies to help you keep all the kitchen paraphernalia organised. 

7. Include Hanging Options

If you don’t have enough space and like the look, an easy way to transform your kitchen is to hang pots and pans from ceiling racks. Alternatively, don’t be afraid to use shelving as storage for kitchen essentials. It’s a strong look now and one that is growing in popularity.

8. Choose the Right Worktops

There are several options of worktop which require different levels of maintenance.

Understand your needs, budget as well as the décor of the entire kitchen and choose the right ones for your home. 

9. Select Colours Carefully

The correct colour will set the right mood for cooking, eating and entertaining in your well used kitchen.

While a light colour can be stained easily or become tired quite quickly in a busy kitchen, a dark colour can make the room appear smaller. Choose the best colour as per your space.

10. Break the Monotony

Create an accent wall, a patterned wallpaper or anything unique to break the monotony of the décor and make the kitchen pop.

A good kitchen makes a happy home so give your kitchen an update with these easy transformation ideas perfect for quick revamps or bigger design projects. 

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Jen Stanbrook
Jen Stanbrook

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