How to Create a Shaker Style Kitchen

A ‘shaker’ style kitchen is a wholesome one. No frills or fancy materials – it’s a warm welcoming place with panelled doors and natural materials. A traditional style, it’s all about simplicity, subtlety and craftsmanship.

Shaker style will fit perfectly into a traditional style property, but equally it can be updated for a contemporary setting.

How to Create a Shaker Style Kitchen

The Units

Shaker kitchen

A shaker style kitchen is nothing without wooden, panelled units. Natural woods like cherry or maple work beautifully, and they often lend themselves to being painted in a matte colour, such as cream or muted blues and greens. If you want to update the units, try them in a glossy white.

Oversized wood or china knobs are often used on the units too.

The Peg Rail

Shaker peg rail

One element of a Shaker style kitchen that cannot be over looked is the peg rail. A straightforward strip of wood with pegs is a stalwart of every shaker style kitchen. Whether you choose to use it for coats and dog leads or your pots and pans, you need one.

Open Shelving

Don’t get too complicated and use doors for all your units. Instead, utilise open shelving and show off your favourite ceramics, glassware and jugs. Use baskets to get a country effect and for a handy way to utilise open shelving without having everything on display.

Free Standing Furniture

If there’s space, choose freestanding furniture. It will give your kitchen personality as well as versatility. There are lots of options when it comes to free standing furniture in your kitchen. If there’s space for a table, then go for a wooden top and painted legs with traditional shaker style chairs. Alternatively, use the space to have a kitchen island like the ones in these shaker style kitchens from Better Kitchens to add to storage and appliance space.

A dresser to display your china and ceramics works really well in a shaker kitchen too.


For a traditional style shaker kitchen, then go for a matte tile in a colour similar to your units. Your tiles aren’t making a statement in this kitchen; they add to the harmonious feel of the entire room. If you’re going for something more modern, go glossy. Don’t introduce too much pattern as it will clash with the clean and simple aesthetic that the shaker style is known for. Instead, add depth by using complementary tonal colours in your tiles, using something like the Zanzibar Bianco, Noce and Salvia collection from Tiles4All.

how to create the perfect shaker kitchen

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  1. Nicola McCaig
    March 5, 2015 / 10:25 am

    This post it brilliant! It really inspired me to do something different with my new kitchen, I love it! I especially like how you’ve designed your colour schemes in the ‘peg rail’ photograph, it feels warm and sunny – just like proper kitchen should. Thank you for writing it 🙂

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