8 Clever Ways to Hide a Boiler In The Kitchen [2024]

When it comes to homes, boilers are a functional appliances you can’t be without. There is much debate as to where to store a boiler, but many of us buy homes with it already in a kitchen. However, they can be an eyesore in your kitchen. Let’s talk about how to hide a boiler and specifically how to hide a boiler in your kitchen. 

Mine is definitely not attractive but we found a way to hide the wall-mounted boiler that suits our taste and our kitchen style. 

With a little creative planning and attention to detail, it is possible to design your kitchen around your boiler – or better still, integrate the appliance into your kitchen interior.

“Boilers often need to go in places in the kitchen where you would rather not have them aesthetically speaking, but there are certain ways to make the work well in impressive ways,” comments Property Auctions specialist Ruban Selvanayagam.

Keep reading for our essential boiler cover ideas that make the kitchen design both practical and stylish.

dark kitchen with monochrome floor and yellow bar stools
Can you spot our boiler cupboard? It’s on the wall on the right hand side. The pipes are hidden behind a false wall.

How to Hide a Boiler in a Kitchen

These are our best ideas for hiding a boiler:

  1. Underneath a Worktop
  2. Use a boiler as a room boundary
  3. Use a boiler cover
  4. Use blinds to hide your unsightly boiler
  5. Leave exposed in an industrial kitchen
  6. Use blackboard paint
  7. Hide behind a false wall or inside a cupboard
  8. Create a mini utility room

Installing Boilers In Small Kitchen/Dining Areas

Homeowners who have small kitchens backing on to a living room or dining area usually face the biggest challenge in hiding their boiler.

Tall or overhead cupboards in small kitchens with full-length windows disturbs the symmetry and blocks out natural light.

Generally, there are two options here:

1. Hide Your Boiler Underneath a Worktop

The first is to house your kitchen boiler in one of the cupboards underneath the worktop.

Experts at a boiler installation company in Edinburgh mentioned that this can, however, pose a problem when carrying out maintenance work and resetting the timer. It also takes up valuable storage space.

2. Use Your Boiler as a Room Boundary

The alternative is to position your boiler on the boundary between the kitchen and the dining room so that it acts as a partition between the two rooms.

On the kitchen side, the unsightly boiler would be concealed with a cupboard door which matches your base units.

At the back, it would feature a plywood door with a magnetic latch you push to open. Painted the door in the same colour as your living space walls or hang a picture over it and hey presto – nobody knows it’s even there.

3. Boiler Cover Ideas

A boxed in boiler in kitchen cupboard in a dark grey kitchen with yellow industrial lights
An image of our boiler in kitchen cupboard

This is by far the best of the boiler cupboard ideas in my opinion.

We decided to box in our boiler using old kitchen cupboards and fashioning a false door attached to magnets. It means it can easily be removed when the boiler needs servicing or other attention. It provides great symmetry in the room with other wall cupboards on the opposite end of the kitchen wall and it blends well with the rest of our kitchen cabinets.

If you have no interest in building a cupboard around your modern boilers, why not spruce up your kitchen with art. (See more of the kitchen makeover above). It’s a great idea when you’re trying to cover a boiler in the kitchen.

When you decorate an entire kitchen with creative artwork the boiler blends in seamlessly. These examples of painted kitchen cupboards show you how inventive people can be in the kitchen.

4. Use Artistic Blinds to Hide a Boiler

Not everybody will be planning a new kitchen refit and if you are on a budget, low-cost solutions include covering your combi boiler boiler with a curtain or blind.

Installing a plain pre-purchased blind will only work if you have large windows that are also covered with a matching blind.

Alternatively, you can use the canvas to create your own imagery – as I suggested with the cupboards above – and hang the blind from the ceiling.

This is a great, creative way to add interest to your kitchen and hide the boiler at the same time. 

5. Leave your Boiler Exposed in an Industrial Style Kitchen

The edgy industrial look that was a common trend among bars and cafes 15 years ago is finding its way into the home. Kitchen designs are increasingly taking on a rustic, more industrial appearance, as above, and boiler cupboard ideas aren’t always necessary.

An industrial design means you can leave your boiler exposed, but it will go relatively unnoticed when blended in with other elements such as brick walls, bare pipes and aluminium or steel kitchen appliances.

With a little invention, imagination and creativity, a new gas boiler installed in the kitchen does not have to stand out like a sore thumb.

6. Use Blackboard Paint for Creative Ways to Hide a Boiler in a Kitchen

Blackboard paint over a cupboard is a great way to add creativity to your kitchen, and somewhere to easily add your shopping lists! This is a great option for a family home and a relatively cheap way of covering your boiler too.

7. Hide the Kitchen Boiler Behind a False Wall

This idea works for modern boilers but you will need to make sure you have easy access to the boiler and the pipe work. A built-in cupboard can work in the same way.

8. Create a mini utility room to hide a boiler

If you have enough space and a bigger budget, why not create a separate space for your new boiler installation and build a brand new utility area! Your new boiler cost shouldn’t take too much of your budget either.

It’s the perfect way to hide the boiler out of sight in day to day living. A wall-mounted boiler works well in this idea.

Is it safe to cover a boiler?

If you’re wondering whether covering a boiler is safe to do, here are a few guidelines we suggest you follow (always consult an expert).

  • Ventilation is Key: Ensure adequate ventilation for a covered boiler, possibly using end panels or removable front panels for air circulation.
  • Professional Installation: If unsure about DIY, hire a reputable local carpenter for the installation.
  • Accessibility for Maintenance: Cover the boiler with a boiler cover or kitchen unit to allow easy access for servicing and repairs.
  • Creative and Simple Solutions: Opt for creative ideas that are aesthetically pleasing and do not demand extensive DIY skills.

How to Hide Boiler Pipes in Kitchen

The can be a real eyesore, so learning how to hide boiler pipes in the kitchen is essential to a pleasing kitchen aesthetic. The simplest way to box in boiler pipes is to build a false wall across them. Paint and tile it to match the rest of the room and it will hardly be noticeable.

Here are three more practical and stylish ways to conceal boiler pipes in a kitchen:

  1. Custom Cladding: Encase the pipes with a custom-built cladding that matches your kitchen cabinets. Paint or finish the cladding in the same color or material as your cabinetry for a seamless look. This not only hides the pipes but also appears as an intentional part of your kitchen design.
  2. Decorative Trunking: Use decorative trunking or a stylish conduit that complements your kitchen’s aesthetic. There are various designs available that can make the trunking look like a deliberate architectural feature rather than just a cover-up.
  3. Integrated Shelves: Build open shelves or a narrow cupboard around the pipes, integrating them into a storage solution. This can be particularly effective if the pipes run near a corner or along a wall. The shelves can be used for displaying kitchenware or cookbooks, turning a practical issue into a decorative feature.

Each method ensures the pipes are not only out of sight but also adds to the kitchen’s overall look and feel.

How to Hide a Boiler in the Living Room

Here are three stylish, easy-to-implement, and practical ways to conceal a boiler in your living room:

  1. Cabinet Concealment: Install a freestanding cabinet that complements your living room’s decor around the boiler. Choose a cabinet with doors that can easily be opened for access to the boiler for maintenance. Ensure adequate ventilation is provided for the boiler’s safe operation.
  2. Decorative Screen: Position a folding decorative screen in front of the boiler. This can add a touch of elegance to the room while hiding the boiler. Select a screen that matches the living room’s aesthetic, be it modern, traditional, or eclectic.
  3. False Wall with Shelving: Create a false wall or a shallow closet that not only hides the boiler but also offers additional shelving space for books or decorative items. This solution integrates the boiler into the room’s design by making it part of a functional feature wall.

Each of these solutions allows easy access to the boiler when necessary and can be designed to blend seamlessly with your living room’s style.

Can you paint a boiler?

Whilst you might be able to (I’m not an expert on this so do consult one) I feel it’s far too permanent and liable to go wrong. Instead I’d recommend boxing in the boiler and painting that, either with appropriate wood paint or chalkboard paint.


There are many different options to hide a boiler in your kitchen, so choose one that suits your budget, your space and your kitchen boiler.

We would love to know if you’ve been able to hide your boiler in a kitchen using a different idea? Let us know in the comments below.

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