How To Hide a Boiler In A Kitchen Design

dark kitchen with monochrome floor and yellow bar stoolsWhen it comes to homes, boilers are a functional appliance you can’t be without. However, they can be an eyesore when installed in your kitchen. Let’s talk about how to hide a boiler in your beautiful kitchen. 

Mine is definitely not attractive but we found a way to hide the boiler that suits our taste and our kitchen style. 

With a little creative planning and attention to detail, it is possible to design your kitchen around your boiler – or better still, integrate the appliance into your kitchen interior.

How to Hide a Boiler in a Kitchen Design

Installing Boilers In Small Kitchen/Dining Areas

Homeowners who have small kitchens backing on to a living room or dining area usually face the biggest challenge in hiding their boiler.

Tall or overhead cupboards in small kitchens with full-length windows disturbs the symmetry and blocks out natural light.

Generally, there are two options here:

The first is to house your boiler in one of the cupboards underneath the worktop.

This can, however, pose a problem when carrying out maintenance work and resetting the timer. It also takes up valuable storage space.

The alternative is to position your boiler on the boundary between the kitchen and the dining room so that it acts as a partition between the two rooms.

On the kitchen side, the boiler would be concealed with a cupboard door which matches your base units.

At the back, it would feature a plywood door with a magnetic latch you push to open. Painted the door in the same colour as your living space walls or hang a picture over it and hey presto – nobody knows it’s even there.

Decorating A Boiler

A boxed in boiler in a dark grey kitchen with yellow industrial lights

If you have no interest in building a cupboard around your boiler, why not spruce up your kitchen with art. (See more of the kitchen makeover above).

When you decorate an entire kitchen with creative artwork the boiler blends in seamlessly. These examples of painted kitchen cupboards show you how inventive people can be in the kitchen.

Artistic Blinds to Hide a Boiler

grey kitchen with table, chairs and smart window blindsImage: English Blinds

Not everybody will be planning a new kitchen refit and if you are on a budget, low-cost solutions include covering your boiler with a curtain or blind.

Installing a plain pre-purchased blind will only work if you have large windows that are also covered with a matching blind.

Alternatively, you can use the canvas to create your own imagery – as I suggested with the cupboards above – and hang the blind from the ceiling.

This is a great, creative way to add interest to your kitchen and hide the boiler at the same time. 

Industrial Kitchen Design

industrial kitchen designImage: Kitchen Craft

The edgy industrial look that was a common trend among bars and cafes 15 years ago is finding its way into the home. Kitchen designs are increasingly taking on a rustic, more industrial appearance, as above.

An industrial design means you can leave your boiler exposed, but it will go relatively unnoticed when blended in with other elements such as brick walls, bare pipes and aluminium or steel kitchen appliances.

With a little invention, imagination and creativity, a new boiler installed in the kitchen does not have to stand out like a sore thumb.

How do you hide a boiler in your kitchen?


test image saying how to hide your boiler

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