Would You Cover your Boiler Like This?

Do you have cover for your boiler? Now I know that’s an ambiguous question. I could, of course be referring to insurance which covers your boiler in the event of breakdowns, OR I could be talking about a physical cover, the type that conceals your boiler from view.

In actual fact, in today’s post, I’m going to talk about both.

Let’s start with the design aspect. Boilers are pretty cumbersome beasts. Whilst they’re an absolute necessity, they don’t look great, and even the simple sleek models will have a bank of protruding pipes which require hiding in some form or another. Perhaps the day will come when we get the boiler equivalent of the fancy new Samsung designer TV, but until that happens we’re have to look at ways to box in our boilers from view.

So what are our options?

How to Conceal your Boiler from View:

Well you can start with a chalkboard cover placed or hung in front of the appliance. It’s a practical, cheap and fun way style it up.

To be honest though, you probably want something a little more robust and permanent so boxing in has to be the answer. Be aware of any guidelines and requirements for both access and air flow before you start, but you could build it yourself, or have a joiner to it for you. Take the image below from Heart Home Magazine I’m quite sure that the ceiling to worktop cabinet in the corner is hiding the boiler and pipes. It looks great; an extension of the kitchen, and a feature that doesn’t stand out or shout, look at me.

Years ago our old boiler was on a wall in the kitchen, slap bang in the middle of the room and there was very little we could do to hide it. Once it died (after 15 years) and we had to purchase a new one, we moved it to a more sensible spot in the room, and then a little while later, built our own false cupboard around it, adding handles to integrate it into the kitchen design.

Last year, when we remodelled the kitchen, we boxed in the pipes, added tiles and painted the unit in the same colour as the rest of the room. The same (functioning) cupboard in the other corner of the back wall helps it feel as if it’s meant to be there. It feels that finally we have a boiler cupboard solution that really works, and didn’t cost much money at all.  Just a little effort and imagination and the boiler is hidden from view.

One trick that may be useful to you, is the fact that the whole front panel is on magnets. It’s not a working cupboard door (we didn’t have a spare door large enough) and so the door panels hold onto the carcass via some large magnets. It means it’s really easy to access when anything goes wrong or when it needs a service. We just pop them off and expose the front of the boiler and all it’s dials and gadgets.

How to Cover your Boiler:

Now you should probably have insurance cover for your boiler for the days when it decides to turn your scalding hot water cold, usually in the depths of winter. And if it packs in during January you’re probably in for a long wait to find a local plumber to come and fix it. They’re often quite pricey to fix too, so insurance cover means you don’t normally have to pay for an engineer to come and visit you, and many parts and repairs are covered too.

The cold snap we’ve already seen in the UK this Winter shows us how much we rely on our heating and boilers. And boiler cover isn’t as expensive as you might think. npower has partnered with insurance specialists Allianz Global Assistance to offer boiler breakdown cover for as little as £10.92 per month.

So, let’s get our homes looking fabulous and staying warm over the winter months. Make sure you’ve covered your boilers, both aesthetically and practically this year. Keep your home looking and feeling at its best.

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  1. Kate
    January 12, 2020 / 4:34 pm


    I need to box in the pipes on my boiler and was told about using magnets, but couldn’t find anything about it online until I found this page!
    Would love to know more about the type of magenta you used? And if the whole box in is fitted together with magnets or just the front panel?

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