6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Patio Door

Choosing the right patio doors can transform your home, making it appear larger and creating more of a chance for natural light to shine through. However, the right patio doors for you can depend on the size of your room, your budget, security concerns and the amount of time you’re willing to dedicate to maintenance. If you’re struggling to choose which patio doors are the best for your home, we’ve compiled a list of some factors to consider.

6 reasons to choose patio doors for your home renovation. Tips on style, materials and functionality. If you were thinking of installing patio or bifold doors check out the tips and ideas in here. Security

You wouldn’t buy a front door for your home without considering how secure it is so why should that be any different when choosing a patio door? Patio doors can sometimes be considered less secure than other more traditional doors, but this is only the case with those that are poorly designed. Some of the common security issues with patio doors, particularly those with a sliding design, are because they have simple latches, are easy to break and give potential thieves a front-row seat to what is on offer in your home. By opting for security solutions such as heavy duty locks and bolts, a door alarm and embossed glass, you can turn your patio door into a barrier against potential burglars.


The right patio door can add character and modernise your home so you should spend some time considering which style would complement the architectural style of your home best. With the right design, you can make the most of the space you have both inside and out. If you want to add some subtle elegance to your home, try French patio doors. These are often a good replacement for a window. If you don’t want to worry about swinging doors potentially damaging your furniture, sliding or folding patio doors are contemporary options. Both of these are great options if your space is small as they essentially allow you to gain a removable wall and allow for greater access to the outside. If your space is limited, don’t rule out patio doors completely. Many styles can suit the smallest sized and the most awkwardly shaped rooms. The popularity in patio doors has led to increased options in style such as custom colours and decorative glass.


6 reasons to choose patio doors for your home renovation. Tips on style, materials and functionality. If you were thinking of installing patio or bifold doors check out the tips and ideas in here. You should choose a material that is both durable and easy to maintain. Materials such as aluminium, vinyl and fibreglass will not only weather well, but you’ll never need to dedicate time to painting them. Like their steel counterparts, aluminium patio doors are specifically designed to be sturdy, but they are much lighter. This material is incredibly energy efficient and doesn’t require much upkeep.  For a more minimal yet stylish design, vinyl doors are cost-effective and will not peel or rot like wood doors might. Fibreglass doors are made entirely from glass, but this doesn’t mean that they are easily broken. They are sturdy in all weather conditions, won’t rot or deteriorate and can even be mimicked to look like wood. Oak and natural wood patio doors are still very much on-trend as homeowners have realised that this addition can add value to their home.


There can be significant benefits to installing a patio door in your home, but they can often be costly. Your new doors will be a significant investment so think about value for money and how they will stand the test of time. Doors that are thermally efficient will save on heating costs, for example, and if you’re looking for a custom design, this will understandably end up costing you more. There’s nothing to stop you from asking for a discount when you head to the showroom, and even if you need to stick to a budget, you’ll still be able to update your home.

Functionality and space

6 reasons to choose patio doors for your home renovation. Tips on style, materials and functionality. If you were thinking of installing patio or bifold doors check out the tips and ideas in here. There are different types of patio doors that can suit any need. Swinging and French doors will need room to open, so consider the placement of your furniture before you determine which style to go for. If your space is small, consider a stationary panel with one swinging door or sliding doors that will fit well. Bi-fold doors tend to be a popular option with many regardless of how much living space they have as they seamlessly connect your interior living space with your space outside. It’s worth keeping in mind that size may limit which style you can choose, so make sure you measure up before you commit.


The glass is the major component in patio doors, so you need to select a type that will be beneficial but most of all, safe. There are two main types of safety glass that are usually used for patio doors in the home: toughened (tempered) glass and laminated glass. Weigh up the pros and cons of each type of glass and make a decision based on the features you’re looking for. Energy efficient glass will help to lower electricity bills throughout the year and let in natural light while protecting your furniture against UV fading. Be aware that the more glass and the less frame you have, the cheaper a patio door will be. Sticking to a high glass-to-frame ratio will ultimately cut costs as will sticking with plain glass rather than adding extras such as tinted or reflective glass. More often than not, double-glazing is enough for both safety and warmth.

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Hopefully, by taking these six factors into consideration, you feel that you can base your decision on something more than just the way your new patio doors might look. The addition of patio doors has been an increasingly popular option for homeowners who are looking to update the look of their property to add light, character and value.

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