7 Ways to Stage Your Home for an Easy Sale

It’s a great time of year to think about selling your home. The sun is starting to shine, your garden will look great, and the warmer weather has people thinking that the time is right for a move. In a competitive market though you need to ensure you’ve made the most of your space, and it is looking its best to potential buyers.

There’s a knack to this, and getting it right is so important (first impressions mean so much right?) so I’ve put together my top 7 ways to stage your home for an easy sale to give you some ideas.

7 Ways to Stage Your Home for an Easy Sale

For the purposes of this post, I’m using this most stunning home for sale from Sarah Beeny’s Tepilo online estate agency site. This home is for sale in London, which you can see HERE, and is the perfect example of so many of my points. Let me explain….

Start at the Beginning:

First impressions really do count, so make sure the front of your property is looking its best. Invite that potential buyer in and don’t lose a sale simply because the front door isn’t painted, the plants are all dying and the gate is hanging off its hinges.

This beautiful Victorian terrace stands out in the row because of it’s grey paint, showing the viewer how well looked after it is, even before they step through the door.

Getting the Balance Right:

You’ll want to show potential buyers how they can live in your home so you want to ‘sell’ a lifestyle. Make your space look homely but don’t overdo it with clutter and personal belongings. This London home as got it just right, balancing personal items with a streamlined, uncluttered design.

Create a Wow Factor:

If you are lucky enough to have a space like this one, show it off to its best advantage. Throw open the doors, put on the coffee and adorn with flowers. Show that buyer how great the space can look whilst also giving them inspiration on how they can use it. And also, save it until the end of the tour. Wow them, letting them walk away with that last memory stuck in their minds.

The Family Touch:

You shouldn’t hide the fact that you have children and that you’re selling a family home. But do tidy away your child’s possessions as much as you can. You need the space to look as big and as spacious as possible, whilst letting the buyer see any features or fittings, so pack up the toys and stage the room to look gorgeous and inviting. You might even want to add a teepee as above.

Adult Spaces:

Bedrooms can be very personal spaces so its important to keep them neutral and calming. But this is where you need to hook in that buyer. Give them as many ways as possible to imagine living in your home. Open the curtains wide to  expose any views, and let in maximum light. If you normally enjoy plenty of your belongings around you, pack them up for the viewings, allowing the bedroom to appear less personal and definitely more spacious.

Modern Bathrooms:

They always say it’s the kitchen and bathroom that make or break a sale, so make sure yours is looking its best. Give it a mini overhaul if you have to. Shiny reflective surfaces as in our Tepilo London home work beautifully, bouncing light around the space and giving the room a real luxurious feel. Again, strip out the personal items, toothbrushes and hairspray to leave a clean, minimal space ready to move into.

Show Off the Outdoors:

Now I’m sure there aren’t many people that would dislike a space like this, so if you have anything near this, show it off. Make sure that potential buyer sees your garden at its best, lawn mowed, borders pruned and seating arranged artfully. Let them see what a fabulous time they can have in your outdoor space, whether its entertaining their friends or having families over for play dates. Plant seeds of inspiration (see what I did there) and let your space wow the viewer into putting in that offer that you’re hoping for.

Would you add any other tips on staging your home for an easy sale?

Thanks to Sarah Beeny’s Tepilo online agency for sharing the images. 

Collaborative post. 

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