Stylish Ways to Heat your Home this Winter

Today’s guest post has some lovely ideas for keeping your home both warm and stylish as the colder nights are upon us. Enjoy!

stylish ways to heat your home this winter

As the cold weather slowly begins to creep in and the sun retreats behind the clouds our thoughts turn from barbeques in the garden to curling up on the sofa with a mug of milky hot chocolate and a great book!

Many of us will undoubtedly be thinking about hitting the shops and updating our winter wardrobe, we need to keep warm as well as looking good, right? Well, our homes are no different’ it’s time to transform them into cosy, warm winter retreats we can’t wait to get home to after a long day at work.

When it comes to heating your home for winter, it’s not all about the thermostat, focus on bringing in the style as well as the warmth! Here are some great ways to incorporate heat and panache to update your home in time for winter:


Open fires are the ultimate symbol for winter but they’re not always a practical option for your home. Wood burning stoves however provide an excellent alternative, they’re safer and they’re often more efficient too. Take a look at some of the fantastic stoves available at Yorkshire Stoves and Fireplaces to give you an idea of the sort of look you can create by updating your heating; stoves are an incredibly easy way of adding style and character into your home, and can potentially bring down your energy spend, too.

Rugs Galore

Laminate and wood flooring feature in most people’s homes, it brings a brilliantly natural feel to a room, it’s so simple to clean and requires very little maintenance. The only downside is that it’s not overly warm in the winter. Combat your wooden floor worries with an abundance of rugs – invest in a large, thick rug that will cover the majority of your living room floor, and then get an assortment of smaller rugs to place at the sides of your bed, the conservatory and even the bathroom. Rugs are an excellent way of adding an extra layer of warmth to your home as well as bringing in some extra colour.

Curtain Considerations

Updating your curtains can make a really big difference to the overall look of your room, whether you choose to add bold patterns, or decide to keep it simple and chic it will add personality to your space. The other major advantage to putting up curtains is that they are an excellent insulator, keeping the cold breeze out and your heat locked in.

Cushions, Candles and Everything In Between

Small accessories can really change the look and feel of your home, pick up a new throw, grab a few matching cushions, arrange them on your sofa and you’ve bought a new theme into your room in seconds. Scented candles are also a great way of creating a lovely cosy feel; for that extra winter glow you could treat yourself to an indoor gel burner, the crackling flame creates the feeling of a real fire and they actually generate a surprising amount of heat.

If you need a little inspiration, pop over to Pinterest where you’ll find tonnes of ideas to fuel your very own winter makeover, to keep you warm and snug right through till spring.

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