How to Keep Your House Warm in Winter

If you’re living alone, the chances are you’ll want to spend as little as possible per month on heating, rather than paying the same amount as a large family.

The best way to keep your house warm on the cheap falls into two categories: long-term investment and cheap life hacks. By combining these two methods over the long-term, you’ll be able to keep your house nice and toasty, on a budget.

I spoke to Wunda Trade for advice on how to keep your house warm through winter, and here are their top 5 tips:

5 Ways To Keep Your House Warm in Winter

Overfloor Heating

Overfloor heating is by far the most efficient way to keep your house warm, especially in bathrooms and kitchens, where the cold tends to snap at us the most. While the initial investment may be a turn-off, the long-term rewards far outweigh the cost.

Aside from the huge amount of comfort overfloor heating brings, the technology also ensures heat is distributed evenly and consistently through each room. This means you can walk around barefoot in your house in winter! Lunacy, isn’t it?

Other benefits include the fact it’s hidden out of sight, along with the possibility of it raising the overall value of your home. There’s no need to bulk your house up with radiators or heaters, promoting a minimalist approach to heating, too.

Also, you’ll save each month on your energy bill, as you won’t need to heat it up quite as high as your radiators.

Central Heating Timers

Using timers at night saves a load of money, too.

While many feel it’s more efficient to leave your heating on low all day, reputable sources such as British Gas has said that it’s more efficient to use a timer.

Since your heating is, usually, designed to be turned on and off, it saves money and produces more heat to have it on at set times per day.

In essence, houses lose heat because they’re warmer than the air outside. If you leave your home’s heating on all day, you’re ensuring maximum heat and energy (that’s money) is lost.

By having it on at set times in the day, you can ensure less heat is lost from your home.

Close Your Curtains

You may look like a hermit for a while, but be sure to have your curtains closed when the sun goes down. Close all your blinds and curtains before you leave for work if it’s a dark day, but if it’s sunny, leave them open until dusk.

While having them closed so often may make your home look a little Amityville from the outside in the day, it has a knock-on effect that ensures maximum heat is kept in your home.

Around 35% of your heat will escape through gaps in your home and windows, so shutting curtains can help stagger that a little bit, making your home a little bit warmer when you come home from work. Buying thicker curtains, too, can help a bunch.

Double or Triple-Glazing

On the topic windows, double and triple-glazing your home can save hundreds per year. Within 10 or so years you’ll earn your money back, so it’s definitely a great long-term solution if you own a home. Having the windows can only mean a huge positive for you home if you put it on the market, too.

Triple-glazing is usually reserved to countries with cold climates and high wind, such as Switzerland or Sweden, but it’s becoming more popular in the UK and US, particularly for how well it insulates a house from noise!

Do note, however, that triple-glazing is only really worth it if your home is already energy efficient.

Locate Draught Spots and Cover

Did you know covering draught spots and windows with cling-film can save you a bunch of cash?

Finding draughty areas and covering them up with cling-film or a similar fabric has been proved to save on money, especially since a load of energy is lost every year from draughty areas in homes.

If you can’t afford double glazing, then using an extra layer of cling film over the window can act as a sort of ersatz glazing layer. It sounds cheap because, well, it is.

Overall, these 5 steps provide both short-term and long-term solutions to making your house heatproof. If you need more ideas, there are lots more energy saving tips you can adopt. 

While some require initial investment, you’ll be glad you did once the winter cold feels like a distant memory.


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