Christmas Home Preparations with Vegan Cleaning Products

If anyone knows me personally you’ll know that my eldest daughter, the gorgeous Ella, became vegan at the beginning of the year. This post, focusing on Christmas preparations using vegan cleaning products, is something that, as a family, we have a much greater awareness in right now.

As a society we are becoming more and more aware of our impact on the planet. For the younger generation this is a particularly strong message and a cause they embrace with passion.

I’ve seen this in my teenager in the last few years. She’s engaged in environmental conservation at all levels including what she puts into her body, what she wears and the products she uses.

As a family we’ve become even more conscious of our carbon footprint and encourage a way of life that embraces these beliefs.

So with that in mind, I’ve been working with the lovely eco-friendly, vegan brand Bio-D, looking at ways their products can help us prepare our home in the run up to Christmas.

Christmas Home Preparations with Vegan Cleaning Products

Doing the Dishes:

I always find that we wash up A LOT even though we have a dishwasher. Are you the same, or is this just us?

I know the dishwasher is much more economical but we have a few kitchen pieces that aren’t dishwasher safe and plenty of plastic that gets hand washed regularly.

Ella prepares a lot of her food in advance, cooking up batches of lovely meals and storing them in the freezer. We keep these in reusable tubs rather that plastic food bags which get thrown out after one use.

Consequently there’s usually a lot of plastic pots that need washing.

We’ve ditched our normal washing up liquid in favour of this.

The pink grapefruit washing-up liquid from Bio-D smells divine and is a concentrated formulae and kind to skin. It’s a really simple way to include eco-friendly, vegan cleaning products into your daily routine.

And of course you can use it throughout the Christmas season when, typically, there’s a lot more washing up to be done.

Laundry Prep:

As well as the washing up, I find there’s a lot of extra laundry to do in the run up to Christmas.

If you’re preparing bedrooms for guests then you’ll have extra sheets to wash, and not to mention all the towels, tea towels and table cloths that go with the Christmas cooking.

There are ways to introduce vegan cleaning products into this part of your cleaning routine too, of course, and this lavender laundry liquid is an easy solution.

It’s a new formula too where the introduction of a gentler surfactant, produced from vegetable extracts, has top-notch cleaning qualities.

It’s worth remembering that all packaging from Bio-D is BPA free and 100% recyclable.

Keeping it Clean:

Now for the finale! Yes it’s time to give the house a full on thorough clean in preparation for the holiday season.

I like to do this before the Christmas decorations go up. It’s a great opportunity to deep-clean various parts of the home that don’t always get full attention.

And of course, Bio-D has a range of products than can help but this one, the multi-surface sanitiser is a good all rounder.

Ideal for use in kitchens, bathrooms, paintwork, floors and tiles, it’s great on stubborn stains and general cleaning. Perfect too for anyone in your family that might have sensitive skin.

It contains an orange oil as the effective degreasing agent and smells delicious. No more chemical, eye-watering scents that catch the back of your throat when you spray them. You know what I mean right?

There are 3 ways you can introduce a vegan cleaning products into your cleaning routine, but Bio-D has loads more so do check them out and make up your own mind. You can view their website HERE


Clean your home this Christmas with eco-friendly, vegan cleaning products. The easy way to have a vegan friendly Christmas, including vegan washing up liquid, vegan surface sanitiser, and vegan laundry liquid. Here's how I work towards cleaning my home with vegan products. #vegancleaning #veganfriendlycleaning #

Are you making changes in your home preparations this Christmas and maybe using vegan cleaning products?

Anything we can do to minimise excess at this time of year is a good thing.

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