4 Ways To Style a White Kitchen

In the realms of interior design, white has always been a classic and timeless colour.

When used as a dominant colour in any room it can provide the illusion of an increased space, and despite some beliefs that it may introduce a more clinical aesthetic, when utilised in the right way it can create a room that is as comfortable and inviting as any other.

Enjoyed for the brightness the colour brings to the room at the heart of the home, white kitchens are becoming increasingly popular.

However, often the way a white kitchen is styled becomes a make-or-break situation.

For those who are struggling for some styling ideas and are in need of some inspiration for their white kitchen, here are four subtle ways you can create a space that really stands out.

The trick is to view your kitchen as one giant blank canvas. 

Option 1 – Go Natural

Natural and neutral colour tones marry so well with white.

Opt for a neutral colour palette by introducing wooden features, such as cupboard door and drawer handles, light fixtures and shelving.

These are small touches that promise to punctuate the room and produce a warmer look and feel.

Wooden worktop accessories to match these small touches would be wonderful, however practicality (and reality) suggests that a wooden kettle would be hard to come by.

Worktop appliances and accessories with copper tones are a beautiful alternative.

Copper not only matches the shades created by the combination of wood and white, but also lifts the overall palette and provides a landing spot for the eye.

Grey is also very much on-trend and with so many different shades, from light dove grey to dark ash grey, you can decide just how much you want your decor and accessories to stand out against their white background.

Option 2 – Go Bold

Boldly-coloured walls, splashbacks and worktop accessories are a great idea for interspersing dashes of colour around your white kitchen. However, you don’t necessarily have to introduce bold, bright colours to make a bold statement.

An all-white kitchen is equally as bold and will really open up the room to create a bright and modern space.

To really accomplish this stylish approach, choose a work surface that best reflects the light within the room. Sparkle worktops are “in”. Bringing the ultimate wow factor, they are a fantastic option for creating an eye-catching and contemporary look.

Glazed internal doors are a sparkle worktop’s best friend. A door with glass panels with help to funnel natural light throughout your home and into your kitchen, so those sparkles can really shine!

Option 3 – Get the Vintage Look

The beauty of the vintage style is that it marries so well with the contemporary, and you can invoke as little or as much of the past as you like in your decor, leaving the balance of modern/traditional completely up to you.

Vintage seating options such as stools for the breakfast bar, or a vintage dining table, can be a great starting point for setting the tone of your stylish new/old kitchen.

For the walls, add bold vintage prints that really stand out against a white background. Mismatched furniture and vintage-look kitchen accessories, such as an oven-top kettle, will also contribute to the overall effect.

Spread vintage around the room with shelving displaying old teas sets or 70s coffee pots, doorless kitchen cabinets for further splashes of colour, and exaggerated, colourful shades for the ceiling lights.

Option 4 – Let Nature In

A lot can be said for the power of nature, so why not let nature introduce colour into your white kitchen?

Plants do a lot more than just decorate. Having plants nearby can also have a positive effect on your general mood, and can help with relaxation and productivity.

We always feel at peace when we are with nature, so it makes perfect sense to bring nature into the heart of the home.

There are several ways plants can be displayed in your kitchen.

Use open shelving to display the plants and herbs that are used for cooking, or make the most of your windowsill space with a mini herb garden or colourful flower display.

For something bigger, opt for a floor plant like the rubber tree plant.

A fan of low-light, this plant grows compactly, is easy to maintain and its beautiful, vibrant foliage lasts all year – the perfect natural touch for your white kitchen.


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