10 Simple Ways to Create a Spanish Style Kitchen

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Spanish decor styles incorporate earthy tones, natural materials, and a charming rustic aesthetic- what’s not to love? So, if you are looking for a more Mediterranean vibe with your kitchen renovation, here are 10 simple ways to channel an effortless Spanish style.

10 Simple Ways to Create a Spanish Style Kitchen

Make it Terracotta

Terracotta is typically unsealed, which makes it quite porous. What some people might see as a disadvantage, the Mediterraneans see as a positive. This is because the nature of the material allows it to breathe, absorbing and distributing heat and moisture.

Due to this, terracotta is an absolute must in any Spanish style kitchen. However, for the British climate, you might consider sealing the stone to improve durability.

Spanish Style Kitchen: Embrace natural woods

If you have authentic wooden beams, leave them exposed for a gorgeous rustic vaulted ceiling. You can also incorporate natural woods into your design with strong grained cabinets, counter tops, or even a wooden knife holder. For the most effortless Spanish-style, opt for a knotty wood and really bring out the grain.

Don’t be scared to go bright

Bright yellows, blues and reds are perfect for a Spanish style kitchen. Don’t be afraid to contrast bold bright primary colours. However, for a more muted appearance, beiges, oranges, and terracotta colours work well too.

Curves and swerves

Spanish architecture is full of rounded edges. Use up every corner of your kitchen by building in rounded corner units and rounding out your archways.

Let there be light

Try to let in as much natural light as possible. Whether you have an entire wall dedicated to sliding patio doors or simply opt for lighter window coverings, every little helps.

Spanish Style Kitchen: Add in some texture

Image: http://www.madaboutmidcenturymodern.com/

If you aren’t tiling all of your walls, add a more outdoorsy, rustic feel to your walls by adding in some texture. Instead of smoothing out the plaster or paint until it is sleek, leave it rough – how rough is up to you! Then, paint in your desired colour, adding a tactile element to the room, and a nice contrast against your shiny modern appliances.

Accessorise the counters

Blown glass, terracotta, and painted ceramics are all fantastic ideas for accessorising a Spanish-style kitchen. Even simpler, grab a wooden fruit bowl and display all your fresh fruit on the counter.

Upcycle your furniture

To save you some time and money, you don’t need to replace any of your units if you don’t want to. Instead, sand down the wood for a rougher and more rustic feel. You can then either stain the wood to bring out the grain or paint them in a bright or pastel primary colour. Then, simply change up the handles to something more Mediterranean.

Open it up

Spanish style is all about flow. Try to keep your kitchen as open plan as possible – this includes things like cabinets, too.

Incorporate iron and copper elements

Image: Tap Warehouse

Wrought iron and copper are fantastic materials for contrasting with the bright preppy colours and soft lines of a Spanish-style kitchen. You can even invest in copper cookware and display it from a hanging, ceiling mounted rack.

With these 10 ideas in mind, all that is left to do is creative. Have fun playing around with ideas until you find the Spanish style that is most suited to your aesthetics and needs.

What would you do to create a Spanish style kitchen design?


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