Kitchen Spraying: The Alternative to Buying a New Kitchen

Want a new kitchen but not ready to invest? Let’s look at kitchen spraying and its benefits. After all, I’m sure you’re wondering if spraying kitchen cabinets is any good.

For many homes one of the focal points is always the kitchen, they are usually one of the most costly rooms in the home to redevelop. The costs of all the cabinets and appliances can run into the £1000’s.

Kitchens are usually one of the first rooms that are renovated after a property has been purchased, whether that is because they are extremely outdated or they simply aren’t to the new homeowners’ taste.

Property developers also know that having a high-quality kitchen can add huge value to their properties. 

For the more price-conscious property owner working on tight budgets, there is a much more cost-effective solution to fully replacing their kitchen, re-spraying them instead. 

Kitchen spraying has become increasingly popular during the last few years,  homeowners are actively using Google to find local companies who provide the service, with one of the most popular searches being “kitchen spraying near me“.

The following are some of the benefits of having your kitchen cabinets painted, as well as an explanation of the procedure:

The Benefits of Kitchen Spraying

Cheaper than a new kitchen

By far the main reason people choose to re-spray their kitchen is because of the lower costs involved. Replacing your entire kitchen might set you back thousands of pounds, especially if you factor in the cost of hiring a kitchen installation firm to remove the old one and dispose of it. New kitchen countertops, cabinets, doors, and drawer fronts will soon begin to mount up in cost. This does not include any additional electrical appliances, such as a new cooker or hob.

According to CheckATrade:

“The price of your new kitchen could vary from £5,250 for a small budget kitchen renovation to £10,550 for a large kitchen renovation.” 

This is a significant sum of money for many homeowners, and one of the reasons why kitchen spray applications are becoming increasingly common. It will be far less expensive to repaint your present kitchen than it would to install a new one. If your cabinet doors and drawer fronts are in good shape, then painting kitchen cabinets is a good alternative.

 Change the colour of your kitchen



Another key factor is that people simply want to change the colour of the units, there are a variety of colours to choose from when spray painting kitchen cabinets, so the colour matching should not be difficult. The most popular hues are those from the RAL colour family, however, Farrow & Ball’s higher-quality, more fashionable colour choices are now available. 

 Colours such as Anthracite Grey or Dark Blue are becoming increasingly popular, they help to give your kitchen that new contemporary look at a low price.

 Faster than fully replacing your kitchen

When having your kitchen replaced there are various stages to the entire process, firstly is choosing the range of kitchen units you like the look of, whether that is in a brochure or by visiting a showroom. Then the kitchen installation company has to come round to your property, take measurements and produce a drawing or plan. Once this is done you will have to wait several weeks for your new kitchen units to be delivered and installed by your kitchen fitter.

 Whilst waiting for the new units to be delivered, the old kitchen needs to be removed and disposed of, leaving the property and homeowner without a usable kitchen. To ensure proper disposal, search for junk removal companies who can remove white goods in London homes.

 Once the kitchen has been delivered and your old one removed there is the time taken to install the new units.

 All of this time isn’t necessary if you were simply having the units repainted.

Respraying is less disruptive



If you decide to remove your old kitchen and replace it there will almost certainly be a lot of dust created. This dust may cover the surfaces in every room of your house as the air circulates.

 After you’ve removed a kitchen, how are you going to prepare your meals? Will you be living off microwave meals and pot noodles? Washing plates in the upstairs bathroom?

 When it comes to kitchen spray painting, there is little mess since unit doors are removed and sprayed away from the property, and the only real mess comes from the masking films and paper used to cover surfaces that don’t require a fresh colour. The various masking materials may all be conveniently bagged and thrown in your wheelie bin; there’s no need to hire a skip.

The Process of Respraying: What is Kitchen Spraying?

Kitchen Spraying: Preparation of Surfaces

Let’s just talk through the kitchen respraying procedure.

To apply spray paints to your kitchen doors and drawer fronts, they must be completely clean to ensure that all grime, grease, and dirt are removed from them. If you do not clean the surfaces, the new colour won’t stick properly and will peel off in no time at all.

Doors & Drawers removed, remaining areas masked off

The doors and drawer fronts are sprayed after they have been taken away. leaving the actual unit carcasses behind along with the existing countertops and feature panels. 

Feature panels cannot usually be easily removed so must be spray painted in situ with a sprayer. In this case, all surrounding areas which don’t require a new paint colour are professionally masked off to prevent overspray.

The doors and drawer fronts are sprayed off site and then once they are ready, carefully packaged up and transported back to the property to be reinstalled.

A professional kitchen spraying company such as Spraylords will always ventilate the room to avoid any fumes from entering the other rooms in the property.

Spraying is the best method

With regards to applying a new paint colour to a kitchen, only spray applications provide a professional finish. There are many DIY methods to be found on YouTube that use sponge rollers, although sponge rollers are better than paint brushes, and avoid spray painting kitchen cabinets with cans, nothing compares to the finish you can achieve with a spray gun.

Is it better to spray paint or hand paint your kitchen?

We always say you’re going to get a better finish with kitchen spraying. It’s efficient and hardwearing, leaving a very professional finish. 

How much does kitchen spraying cost?

This is going to vary from area to area, but it’s best to find a reputable kitchen respraying company and get a quote alongside reviews. 

To sum up

Replacing your kitchen can be a costly and time-consuming process. However, spraying kitchen cabinets instead can achieve a new look for your home without all the hassle and expense. A professional spraying company will take care of everything for you, from preparing the surfaces to removing and reinstalling the doors and drawer fronts.

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    Given the rising costs of just about anything we can see why we have seen a massive increase in kitchen spraying in Swansea just because it’s so much cheaper and looks fantastic!

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