10 Most Popular Kitchen Paint Color Trends 2024

Ready to paint your kitchen a popular color in 2024? No problem, we’ve got it covered. 

In today’s article, I’ll be covering some of the most popular kitchen paint color trends, so you don’t have to hunt the internet, and can get started on your kitchen renovation straight away.

Let’s look at the kitchen colors and color schemes that will be popular in the coming year. 

Whether you want to paint an accent wall, find an inspiring color palette or add personality to a white kitchen, read on!

The Top 10 Most Popular Kitchen Paint Colors 2024

Let’s get straight to the point and give you the most popular choices on kitchen colors. If your kitchen needs a fresh coat of paint, these are the colors making our hit list this season.

  1. Greens: Anything from deep greens, earthy green, sage green and forest green are really big in kitchen decor right now. 
  2. Navy Blue: We love all the deep Blues right now for the kitchen. It’s one of the dark colors we can really get on board with.
  3. Dark Grey: In recent years, this shade has been all over our kitchens and it shows no sign of waning.
  4. Pale Grey: We really love our grays, and this is one of the easiest shades to embrace.
  5. Deep Chocolate: Rich browns create a welcoming, cozy atmosphere.
  6. Black: It’s deep, dark and sultry and we love it.
  7. Lilac: The hot new kid on the block
  8. Pink: Barbie has a lot to answer for.
  9. Earthy Tones: Choose warm neutrals for a neutral kitchen
  10. White: We’re loving all the warm whites for 2024.

We also have a selection of suggestions that you might like to look at from popular paint brands, that suit these paint color trends.

  1. Green: Farrow & Ball Bancha
  2. Blue: Little Greene Royal Navy
  3. Dark Grey: Sherwin Williams Grizzle Gray
  4. Pale Grey: Farrow & Ball Purbeck Stone
  5. Chocolate: COAT Brasserie Brown
  6. Black: Rustoleum Black Sand
  7. Lilac: Rustoleum Violet Macaroon
  8. Pink: Benjamin Moore Vintage Claret
  9. Earth Tones: Dulux Brave Ground
  10. White: Farrow & Ball Pointing

Popular Kitchen Color Scheme 2024

Drawing from the diverse palette of trending kitchen colors, here are a few popular kitchen color schemes that align with contemporary design topics:

Color Drenching

  • Deep Greens and Earthy Tones: Utilize shades like sage green and forest green to create a monochromatic, immersive experience. This approach to color drenching envelops the space in nature-inspired hues, offering depth and tranquility.


  • Navy Blue and Warm Whites: Pair deep blues with warm whites for a striking, two-tone kitchen. This classic combination balances boldness with brightness, making spaces feel grounded yet expansive.
  • Dark Grey and Pale Grey: For a subtle contrast, mix dark grey with pale grey. This nuanced approach to the two-tone trend delivers sophistication and a modern aesthetic without overwhelming the senses.

Pops of Color

  • Lilac or Pink against Earthy Tones or Pale Grey: Introducing lilac or pink as accent colors against a backdrop of earthy tones or pale grey adds a playful yet refined pop of color. These vibrant touches energize the space and bring a sense of joy and personality to the kitchen.

Each of these color schemes leverages the listed trends to create kitchens that are not only on the forefront of design but also deeply personal and inviting spaces.

Explore pink kitchen ideas featuring pink cabinets and white counter tops.

Color of the Year 2024

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect shade to paint your kitchen cabinets, why not explore the latest Color of the Year hues as released by the paint brands so far this year.

  1. Benjamin Moore – Blue Nova
  2. Dulux – Sweet Embrace
  3. Sherwin Williams – Upward 
  4. Valspar – Renew Blue
  5. Pantone – Peach Fuzz
  6. Behr – Cracked Pepper

Best Accent Color in a Kitchen

In 2024, the kitchen is stepping out of its comfort zone with vibrant colors leading the charge as the best accent color trend. Whether it’s a bold hue on the island or a pop of color above the cabinets, these lively shades are transforming kitchens into spaces that buzz with energy and personality.

  1. Burnt Orange: This vibrant, earthy shade works wonderfully with the deep and earthy greens, bringing a warm, inviting contrast that’s both bold and harmonious. In a kitchen adorned with sage or forest green, burnt orange can add a lively pop of color through accessories or a feature wall, enhancing the room’s natural vibe without overwhelming it.
  2. Mustard Yellow: This bold hue is a natural fit for kitchens with navy blue, dark grey, or black color schemes. Mustard yellow offers a cheerful burst of color that brightens up the space, providing a stunning contrast against darker tones. It’s especially effective in adding warmth to navy blue and black kitchens, while in dark grey spaces, it introduces a playful energy that’s both sophisticated and inviting.
  3. Teal: Teal is a versatile accent color that complements both pale and dark grey kitchens, adding depth and a touch of whimsy. Its cool undertones harmonize beautifully with grey, creating a serene and balanced look. In kitchens with deep chocolate or earthy tones, teal offers a refreshing contrast, injecting a splash of color that highlights and enriches the warm, cozy atmosphere. Additionally, teal accessories or backsplashes can serve as eye-catching elements in white kitchens, blending seamlessly while adding a layer of sophistication and modern flair.

Best Paint Color for a Small Kitchen

A popular kitchen with a wooden floor and white walls.
Luna Cashmere from Magnet Kitchens. Why not create this warm white look with a warn Cashmere shade or Pale Grey.

Color experts and interior designers often recommend light and airy hues for small kitchens to create a sense of openness. Top color suggestions include:

  • Pale Grey: Offers a subtle, sophisticated backdrop, enhancing natural light.
  • Warm Whites: Make the space feel larger and more inviting.

These choices, highlighted by professionals, help transform a small kitchen into a stylish and welcoming area, proving that thoughtful color selection can significantly impact the perception of space.

Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends

  • Sage Green: A subtle, earthy option that brings a touch of nature indoors, perfect for cabinet doors and complementing white kitchens with a serene, calming vibe.
  • Navy Blue: Deep and sophisticated, navy blue cabinet colors offer a striking contrast to white and natural wood, enhancing the depth and elegance of the space.
  • Pale Grey: Offers a soft, versatile backdrop that works well with natural light, making it a great choice for creating a bright and airy kitchen atmosphere.
  • Earthy Tones: Choosing cabinet colors in earthy tones like terracotta or warm beige adds warmth and a grounded feel, pairing beautifully with natural wood accents.
  • Black: Bold and dramatic, black cabinets create a modern, sophisticated look that still feels warm and inviting when balanced with natural light and white kitchen elements.

These kitchen cabinet color trends cater to a variety of styles, from the minimalist to the bold, all while enhancing the natural beauty and brightness of the kitchen space.

Best Paint Color for White Cabinets

For kitchens boasting white cabinets, the selection of wall color plays a pivotal role in defining the space’s ambiance. Drawing from the list of 10 trending colors, incorporating warm reds as an accent or primary wall color emerges as an excellent choice. This vibrant hue introduces a dynamic contrast to white kitchen cabinets, infusing the space with warmth and energy. Warm reds not only complement the crispness of white cabinets but also create a welcoming and lively kitchen environment. Whether applied as a bold feature wall or through subtle accents, warm reds paired with white cabinets offer a timeless yet contemporary appeal, making it an excellent choice for those looking to enhance the vibrancy and character of their kitchen.

Best Paint Color with Open Shelving in a Kitchen

In kitchens featuring open shelving, selecting the right paint color is crucial to create a cohesive look that showcases your items beautifully. From the original list of trending colors, Navy Blue and Deep Grey emerge as top choices for pairing with open shelving.

Navy Blue offers a deep, sophisticated backdrop that makes white or brightly colored dishware pop, while Deep Grey provides a neutral yet striking canvas that complements a wide range of items, from minimalist ceramics to vibrant glassware. These colors not only enhance the visual appeal of open shelves but also add depth and character to the kitchen, making it a focal point of home design.

Kitchen Design Trends 2024

A kitchen with black cabinets, embracing the latest paint color trends.
Rustoleum Black Sand

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