How to Use Black in a Kitchen

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The kitchen is often a central point in any home, making it a fantastic opportunity for you to reflect your personal style.

In terms of the overall palette, black is a popular colour for those looking to go against the grain.

How to Use Black in a Kitchen Colour Scheme

You may doubt that black is a fitting colour scheme for a kitchen.

Maybe you feel it’s not a great colour for an open and inviting space. But bear in mind black’s effortless style and versatility.

It’s this exact reason that black is a trusted wardrobe staple, so why should a kitchen be any exception?

In this article, I’ll show you the many ways in which black can be incorporated into a kitchen.

Whether you want to keep things tastefully understated or experiment with a more dramatic and high-impact style, keep reading for inspiration.

Deep and Luxurious

Balance is key to a successful colour palette. If you want black to be a dominant colour, you must make sure nothing else in your design gets lost.

If you’re not careful, a black colour scheme can swallow everything up.

The kitchen cabinets and breakfast bar add a sense of richness, whilst being framed perfectly by the white countertops, shelves and tiling.

See how these touches of white add a sense of dimension?

The monochromatic colour scheme accentuates the bronze handles and taps, a distinct contrast that lends additional depth and a further dash of luxury.

Image from Plus Rooms

Effortlessly Modern

Black and white is a timeless combination that has become a hallmark of modern design.

By keeping everything streamlined and simple, the kitchen’s overall style speaks for itself.

With a pared-back colour scheme, importance is placed on texture.

The standout texture is the gloss seen in the kitchen cabinets and statement light fixtures.

But we also have to commend how the sleek design is softened by leather barstools and natural-style wood.

What we love about black is that you can make a bold statement, but also play with more subtle contrasts.

Again, it’s all about shades and textures.

Granite is commonplace in kitchens, but installing black granite elevates the style and quality of the room.

I love how the white veined granite has an almost ‘misty’ feel. Combined with the sheen of the cabinets, this kitchen feels truly opulent.

Of course, you can incorporate black into a kitchen without it being the dominant colour. As an accent, black can provide an eye-catching contrast or blend in to ensure your kitchen has a cohesive style.

You may want to consider using black skirting boards or dado rails to add a picture-perfect frame to your kitchen.

Alternatively, creative use of accessories can make all the difference.

Industrial chic

Black is the perfect colour for anyone who is inspired by a more ‘urban’ style.

It’s a common theme in bars and restaurants, and nine times out of ten it is the finishing touches that bring the
design to life.

A classic example of this can be seen in seating and lighting.

Industrial style accessories are often quite stripped back. As a result, their designs can play around with shapes and angles while still feeling simple.

Just take a look at how these box-shaped bar stools and wireframe overhead lights bring this modern kitchen to life.

While seats and lighting are common statement pieces, any element of your kitchen can be a focal point. Take taps for instance.

As the below example shows, small details allow you to veer slightly away from your kitchen’s style and colour scheme without it feeling too unbalanced.

Rustic Elegance

While the term ‘rustic elegance’ seems contradictory, it’s a highly sought-after style in many kitchens.

It adds a high-end flair whilst also ensuring the kitchen remains warm and inviting.

Black is the perfect colour scheme for this style, as it allows you to incorporate premium wrought iron accessories such as teapots, utensil holders and knife racks.

These can give any kitchen a ‘farmhouse’ style that wouldn’t seem out of place in a luxury cottage or your favourite countryside gastropub.

If you want to make a real statement, a black iron chandelier will undoubtedly be the highlight of your kitchen, taking a rustic style and making it something that simply exudes luxury.

They are perfect for a kitchen diner, creating a centrepiece for everyone to gather around.

And in terms of lighting, they help to create a soft-lit ambience for romantic dinners and intimate gatherings.

Are you a fan of black in a kitchen, like these from Plus Rooms?

We hope this gives you some inspiration to add a little black drama to your kitchen design. Let us know if you do.


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