6 Deck Designs For A Fashionable Outdoor Living Area

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You can easily imagine reclining on your deck when you imagine yourself unwinding at home in your ideal setting. However, you could need help deciding how you’d like your prospective outside area to look when it involves deck designs to revitalize the sometimes-ignored makeover area. 

Continue reading to get the creative juices flowing, whether you want to renovate your complete deck or are just seeking quick and easy deck design inspiration. Who’s looking forward to mixing up some bloody marys or margaritas, collecting the pile of magazines, and sipping a sunset cocktail on your brand-new deck?

Let’s start with 6 premium deck designs for an incredibly vogue outdoor living zone!

1. Green Deck Designs

A place may be instantly transformed to feel a more extraordinary tune with the environment by adding plants and other landscaping features to your backyard deck. Choose decorative elements with a green thumb, such as giant planters, potted vegetation, or statement trees. If not, consider utilizing your area and intuitively incorporating patio furniture, such as setting up aluminum furniture outdoors in appropriate locations to include the outdoor aspects into the design. 

2. Deck Design Boards

Depending on the variety of hardwood you pick for your deck, the deck’s eye-catching layout of contrasting horizontal lines can change. This hardwood, made of cumaru, is paler in color than Ipe but has comparable durability, toughness, and endurance.

3. Wooden Soaking Tub Deck Design

Developing grandiose deck designs for small spaces can be challenging, but if you enjoy unwinding in the tub, extend the enjoyment outside. The use of a wood soaking tub can liven up tiny decks. By incorporating them into the deck’s border, you ease the railing’s rigid barrier.

4. Pastel Deck Paint Color

You may remodel your home on a budget by painting the deck yourself, as long as the property owner approves. Purples and subdued teals will offer an explosion of color to your patio rather than keeping to the conventional brown, gray, or green tones. It illuminates even the gloomiest fall and winter evenings and goes well with summer BBQs and chilly weather.

5. The Heated Deck (Fire Pit Edition)

The days of sacrificing style for comfort are long gone. Fire pits come in a variety of shapes and dimensions and are sold at stores all around the world. If you prefer futuristic, choose a fire pit with indestructible pebbles with a sophisticated deck feel. Or, to add an old-fashioned look to your outside deck, choose the rectangular or horizontal size that ideally matches your area.

6. Boho Outdoor Deck Design

The goal of boho design is to evoke a pleasant atmosphere. Before, you must learn how to manufacture or purchase backyard pallet furniture to give the design more personality. Then, accessorize it with fun patio pillows and other items like trays, candles, and fake greenery. You’ll create the ideal tiny area for relaxing in no time. 

Before picking a deck design, it’s critical to clarify your needs and how they integrate into your daily routine. Consider essential factors like how frequently you intend to utilize your deck and whether you wish to include extras like a hot tub or pool. So, you may consider any of these 6 deck designs to make the most of your outdoor area. 

All images are created with Canva AI for the purposes of illustrating the text and providing inspiration.

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Jen Stanbrook

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