The Outdoor Paint Colors Everyone is Buying in 2024

Gardens across the UK are having their annual transformation as everyone gears up for a brighter summer outdoors. All we need is the weather, right?

We’re starting to see that homeowners are choosing bold and colourful paint shades for their outdoor makeover projects, fresh sales data from Homebase has revealed.  

New exterior paint sales data from Homebase, the one-stop shop for all your home needs, shows gold outdoor paint has increased in popularity by a huge 1,069% in 2024! That’s a massive increase and shows how much we all still adore making over, and improving our outdoor garden spaces.

At Homebase, this growth is fuelled by sales of the shade Harvest Gold, a cheerful golden brown with brighter yellow and orange undertones. 

But people aren’t just going for cheerful colours in the garden, daring colours such as purple (up 507%) and orange (up 171%) are stepping into the limelight, making the top 5 most popular outdoor paint colours.  

According to Homebase, these are the top 5 trending outdoor paint colors in 2024

  1. Golden Brown – 1,069% 
  2. Purple – 507% 
  3. Beige – 327% 
  4. Red – 174% 
  5. Orange – 171% 

Harvest Gold

I guess we all still love a traditional neutral and often play it safe with our garden paint colors. This golden shade is perfect for sheds and fences where you want them to blend in well with their natural surroundings.

Purple Pansy

The Cuprinol Purple Pansy shade is going well this season! And clearly we do like to inject some bright, bold color into our garden schemes.

Beige – Natural Stone

Why not look at the beige shades like Natural Stone if you want to create a neutral, contemporary base for your garden furniture, shed or fence.

Red Cedar


Wider research reveals that brown, green and grey paints continue to dominate gardens across the UK. When looking at individual shades, the top garden colour is Silver Copse, a dark silver-grey, with an impressive 11% of sales.

We recently painted our new garden office in Silver Copse, and will continue the look onto the fence and the bin store in the next few weeks.

For 2024 it’s evident that paints with bold neutral tones are conquering the outdoors!  

Paige McCallum, paint and wallpaper buyer at Homebase has commented on the recent data which uncovered the trending outdoor paint colours for this year:  

“The growing popularity of bold, vibrant colours like purples and oranges shows we are feeling liberated and injecting more vibrancy into our gardens. After years of muted tones dominating, people seem to want to make more of a sunny, uplifting statement. 

That said, we’re not seeing neutrals disappear entirely. The continued prevalence of versatile naturals like our bestselling harvest gold paint indicates homeowners still crave a sense of calm in their outdoor spaces. This is a nice alternative to a traditional brown or dark charcoal when painting your fence, as it can form the perfect backdrop to let your garden pop. The rising trend is all about striking a harmonious balance between punches of energetic colour and soothing, timeless backdrops.” 

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