How to Plan the Perfect Summer Garden Party at Home

Summer is on the way and that means its a great time to start planning for a house party. 

You will need to plan out your summer party so that it is as successful as possible, if you start prepping and considering ideas now you will be well prepared and your garden party will be a huge hit. 

Here are some of the major things you should consider when organizing your summer party.

Start Early

As mentioned before, one of the most important things you need to do is to start planning early. This is especially true if you’re going to be having a larger event. 

Think about the objective of your party. This will guide you in many areas. It will help you to select a theme for the event, and it will also help you to decide who will be invited.

You might be wondering what’s the best time for a summer garden party.

This will depend on the nature of your celebrations and, of course, the type of guest. Older and younger guests will prefer a daytime event, whilst a 40th birthday party for example, would suit an evening/late night timeslot.

In the UK, you’ll want to consider the weather! Usually we are able to host celebrations in the garden from May-September, with June and July being very popular months.

Create Invitations

When you do decide to get started the first thing you will need to do is to decide on your guest list. Trim it down as much as you can until you have all the right participants on it. 

This way you can send out paper invitations.

 Make sure you ask people to RSVP by a certain date so that you will be able to know who is in attendance.

In addition to sending out paper invites you can send text messages and even put your party on Facebook events or create a fun WhatsApp group.

Consider the Menu

What do you serve at a summer Garden Party?

The menu should always be a priority at your summer outdoor event. No matter how good all the activities are, if people are not well fed they will not enjoy themselves. This is one area where your really don’t want to go wrong. 

Consider the following:

  1. The age of your guests – older guests need to be well catered for as well as the children and infants
  2. Intolerances – do you have any allergies or food intolerances amongst your invited guests?
  3. Diets – any vegans, pescatarians, vegetarians attending? Make sure you plan the menu accordingly and give everyone a choice.
  4. Varieties of drinks – is your event going to be alcohol free? If not, what alcohol will you serve, and what are the non-alcohol alternatives.

Plan out the menu and then decide how you will go about catering for it. Summer is often a busy time for caterers and it’s a good idea to decide who will cater your party early. Get samples of the food you will be choosing.

The bottom line is that everything from the meal to dessert must be planned. This means that you need to make final decisions on everything from the style of chicken to the luxury chocolate truffles you may choose to serve. Why not consider getting brownies and cookies delivered to your door.

Plan the Activities

What do people do at a Garden Party?

If you don’t want your guests to be bored at your party you need to make sure that you give careful planning to the activities happening during the party. You can have quizzes, karaoke, board games, murder mystery games and even sporting events to keep everyone occupied and to provide some real fun and giggles.

Look at your guest list closely and then decide which activities will be right for them. Everyone loves a garden party and the more activities you can include, the bigger the success of your event!

Furniture and Gazebos

Once you know how many people are attending, you can plan the numbers of tables and chairs. Then you’ll want to ensure you have cover in case of inclement weather – gazebos and party tents are great for this – and finally you can plan the decor.

Party Decor Ideas

You’ve guessed it, this is our favourite part! You know the nature of the celebration, the number of guests, the food, activities and seating arrangements. Next you’ll want to make your party look amazing by choosing the right decorations.

Here are some essentials for garden party decoration ideas:

  1. Bunting – hang from tree to bushes to the a fence to make the outdoor space more fun.
  2. Garden lights – use solar lights and string along fences, under parasols, around trees and over gazebos
  3. Flowers – give your garden party a country feel with vases of fresh flowers
  4. Paper Lanterns – adorn chairs, tables and trees with pretty paper decorations
  5. Table decorations – choose a theme and colour palette for your garden decor, then add napkins, plates and table runners to complete the look.

We hope you love our summer garden party ideas and have a wonderful celebration in the sun!

Jen Stanbrook
Jen Stanbrook

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