How to Turn Your Love of Properties, Design & Interiors into a Career

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Are you the kind of person who enjoys nothing more than scrolling through design blogs, marveling at innovative architecture, and daydreaming of creating beautiful interiors? With the rise of property shows, architectural design magazines, and Pinterest-perfect homes, it’s not surprising that more and more people are finding themselves drawn to the world of properties, design, and interiors.

If you’re one of these people, count yourself lucky – you have a passion that can be turned into a lucrative and fulfilling career.

In this blog post, we’re going to discover how you can transform your love for properties, design, and interiors into a rewarding profession. Let’s take a look.

What Career Choices Are There?

For those with a passion for interiors, design, and property, there are some exciting career possibilities.

Interior design is an obvious choice, allowing someone to make places beautiful and inviting by using elements such as color, texture, and pattern.

Interior designers can work on the refinements of a private home or office space, become a consultant for large property developments or give specialist advice to businesses wanting to create a particular atmosphere. In addition, other professions such as green architect, urban planner, or real estate agent also offer people a chance to use their creative energy in more specialized areas related to design and property.

With a bit of research and dedication, it’s possible to craft your own unique career in this vibrant field.

How to Decide What to Do

Knowing what career path to take when you have multiple passions can be overwhelming. After all, making a conclusion without the right direction can feel like destiny’s handiwork rather than your own. T

o make a decision on the right career path for you, it’s critical to evaluate what parts of each passion that appeals to you most. For example, if you’re interested in interiors and property, begin by analyzing which aspects bring forth the most joy and excitement? Is it the creative process behind designing unique spaces? Or is it purchasing or selling houses that makes your heart sing?

Once you know what fits best with your character and goals, be sure to explore all opportunities that exist in those fields—from short-term programs and apprenticeships to more traditional courses.

Taking these steps will allow you to clearly see how these interests could coexist and mould into the career of your dreams.

Tips for Getting Started

So now we’re going to run through the key steps that you might want to consider taking in order to take your passion for property, interest in interiors, or dreams of design to the next level.

1. Identifying Your Specific Interests and Strengths

Start by figuring out which aspect of properties, design, and interiors you’re most drawn to and where your strengths lie.

There are many different avenues you can explore within this field, including architecture, interior design, planning, preservation and conservation, property development, and real estate. Take your time to research each of these areas and try to pinpoint where your interests align best.

Perhaps you’re drawn to the technical and practical aspects of architecture, or maybe you prefer the creative and artistic side of interior design. Once you’ve identified your area of interest, you’ll be better equipped to pursue a suitable career path.

2. Education and Training

Having identified your area of interest, it is now time to equip yourself with the knowledge and skills required to enter the industry.

Most careers in properties, design, and interiors will require some form of formal education, whether it’s a vocational course, a university degree, or a professional certification. Research the educational requirements for your chosen career path and ensure you invest your time and resources wisely.

While you’re studying, ensure you make the most of the many opportunities available — from attending industry events and conferences, to participating in internships, job placements, and networking.

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3. Building a Portfolio and Gaining Experience

No matter which sector of the property, design and interiors industry you decide to explore, having a portfolio of your work will be essential for showcasing your skills and attracting potential employers or clients.

As you study and gain experience, start documenting your best projects and compiling them into a professional portfolio.

This can take the form of an online website, a hard copy, or both. In addition to your portfolio, seek internships or part-time positions within your chosen field to gain invaluable experience and build your professional network.

4. Networking and Joining Professional Associations

In a competitive industry like properties, design, and interiors, networking is critical. Start by joining professional associations or organizations relevant to your chosen career path, as these can provide you with essential connections, resources, and support.

Attend industry events, conferences, and workshops to rub shoulders with experienced professionals, as well as other aspiring individuals like yourself.

These connections can be instrumental, offering invaluable advice, mentorship, and sometimes even employment opportunities.

5. Establishing and Growing Your Career

Once you have the necessary education, experience, and connections, it’s time to establish yourself within your chosen field.

If you’re entering a creative profession, such as interior or landscape design, consider starting your own business. First, obtain any necessary licenses or certifications, and then focus on promoting your services and showcasing your portfolio. Alternatively, you might choose to seek employment with a renowned company to gain even more experience and benefit from an established reputation.

By continually honing your skills, participating in industry events, and networking, you’ll gradually become an expert in your field and build a successful and rewarding career.

Creating the Career You’ve Always Wanted

Turning your love of properties, design, and interiors into a career requires focus, determination, and hard work.

By identifying your specific interests and strengths, pursuing the appropriate education and training, building a strong portfolio, networking, and investing time in professional development, you can forge a fulfilling and financially viable career path in this diverse and exciting industry.

With dedication and resilience, you can transform your passion into a profession that brings you joy and satisfaction for years to come.

Jen Stanbrook
Jen Stanbrook

Jen is an award winning digital publisher and has been creating interiors and home decor content for over 10 years.
She has an insatiable love of home interiors, has worked with hundreds of brands, and currently supports many bloggers within the creative industries to share their expertise through writing.
She spends most of her time in her little garden office pod, has 2 daughters and 2 (fighting) cats.

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