6 Small Home Interior Design Tips To Inspire And Amaze You

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There’s no denying that everyone dreams of living in a large, spacious home where everything has its proper place, and none of the rooms appears cluttered, disorganised or messy. However, the sad truth is that many people live in smaller homes, flats, and other dwellings.

When space is at a premium, it can be a real challenge to keep everything in order without your home looking chaotic. But, while it might be challenging, it’s not an impossible goal to achieve!

Take a look at the following six ideas for some inspiration on how you can decorate and organise a small home’s interior:

1. Invest In Custom Storage Solutions

If you’ve ever gone on a holiday in a motorhome or perhaps an American road trip with an RV rental, one thing you might remember is how innovative the storage solutions are in those vans.

Use a motorhome as inspiration for creating unique and custom storage solutions for each room. For example, you could custom-build ceiling storage in small rooms like the utility or “box” room in your home.

2. Only Keep What You Need

When you live in a small abode, it’s essential that you don’t hoard things or keep lots of stuff for the sake of it. What you must focus on doing is only keeping the things that you need and use.

There might be things you don’t want but are perhaps family heirlooms. Consider asking if another family member wants them, for example, or store them in a rented storage unit.

3. Fit Curtain Poles Near The Ceiling

One way to trick yourself and anyone else in your home that your rooms are bigger than they are in reality is by fitting curtain poles near to the ceiling.

You can then invest in long curtains that will give people the impression you have high ceilings in your rooms. Another advantage of doing that is you may find it keeps your rooms warmer in winter.

4. Choose Light Colours For Walls

Are the walls in your home dark colours? If so, now’s the time to consider new paint schemes in bright or light shades. You may have fallen in love with certain dark colours. But, they can make small rooms look even smaller than they are so choose your wall colour carefully. 

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5. Install A Large Wall Mirror

Did you know that having a large mirror somewhere like your living room offers several advantages? For example, it helps to reflect light and can make the area appear bigger and airier. Also, it can serve as a focal point if installed on a chimney breast wall, for instance.

6. Brighten Up Rooms With Plants And Flowers

Last but not least, one of the best interior design ideas for all rooms in a small home is adding some greenery. There are many varieties of house plants

They require little maintenance yet offer numerous benefits like air filtration, mood enhancement, and they’re great at breaking up light and neutral colours on the walls and ceilings.


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Jen Stanbrook

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