Holiday Home Interior Decorating Ideas: Contemporary Design

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Today’s post is looking at holiday home decor and how to create a contemporary interior design which looks fresh and modern and appeals to a wide variety of potential guests. 

As a guest of holiday cottages myself, I want to relax in an inspiring decor. I want it to feel like home, better than home in fact and I want to be surrounded by luxurious, well thought through touches in an interior that’s well deigned and put together. 

If you’re a holiday home owner, that might sound like a a difficult task so I thought it would be useful to pull together some ideas and tips on creating a contemporary interior design for your holiday cottage or your  glamping site.  

The ideas and tips will appeal to any home lover so read on if you want to get that holiday home look in your own decor. 

The images I’ve used in this post are from a property called Moorvista in the South Devon countryside. You can find out more about it on the Blueriver Cottages website.  Sleeping 8 guests, it boasts 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, games room and swimming pool. 

How to Design a Contemporary Holiday Home:

Harmonious scheme

Choose a scheme that flows through the body of the property.  A colour palette which can be utilised throughout is a clever trick which creates a sense of continuity. 

Select colours which have mass appeal and work with your surroundings. Blues and greens are impartial, calming colours which tend to be adored by many. Using colours from the earth’s natural palette is a clever idea for a holiday let, and one which sits well in both countryside and coastal locations. 

If you’re more city based, think of mixing in greys and neutral tones to give the space an urban feel. 

I love how a colour palette of blues works it way from living room through to bedrooms in this holiday home. Combined with fresh whites and neutral wood textures, it looks vibrant yet understated – a clever trick. 

Splashes of colour

If you want your holiday home to feel contemporary and fresh, it’s worth investing in both your kitchen and bathroom for those quirky, fun touches. The addition of the pink splashback along the kitchen wall does two jobs. 

Firstly, it shouts a contemporary design touch. It really can’t be missed. It echos the beautiful pink sunsets and works well with the white gloss surfaces and blue perspex chairs. 

Secondly, it zones the space, clearly identifying the kitchen area in an open plan room. A clever design trick, one which many holiday homes miss out on. 

Whilst you want a holiday home to have mass appeal, owners shouldn’t be afraid of adding personality and fun design elements in the space. It’s a great way to ensure your home stands out from the crowd. 

Neutral Personality

Balancing the fun, colourful touches, it’s important to add plenty of neutral personality. 

What do I mean by this?

Well, build in character to your design, but don’t make it too personal. Give it personality and feeling, but ensure it has wide appeal. 

I love how this architectural window feature is given pride of place, but adding a little desk area on the landing is a cute personal touch – mixing up the contemporary accessories with more vintage pieces (yet still keeping the look minimal) is a very clever idea. 

Creating a Lifestyle

This is a trick that sellers and estate agents do well, and one that holiday property owners can adopt. 

Learn how to showcase a lifestyle in your property. Use your contemporary design to illustrate how a holidaymaker will enjoy your home. Give us ideas on how to spend time in the different rooms. Show us how we’ll enjoy the views, spend time eating and drinking, maybe playing games, lighting a fire, taking a bath or going for walks in the grounds. 

If I was looking at this property for example, I can easily see myself relaxing on a summer’s evening, enjoying a glass of wine and revelling in the glorious countryside views. (Wow, I’m seeing myself there right now!)

The space looks fresh, clean, uncluttered and cool. 

And take this bathroom. I can imagine long, lazy evenings in the bath and the space is plentiful; many of us don’t have bathrooms this big and would love this kind of indulgence in a holiday home

And then finally, whilst it’s not so much the interior decor, you can still make a holiday home feel contemporary by showcasing the outdoor space and how to enjoy it in a modern way – including furniture, glasses of wine and firepits. 


Make the Most of Features

The contemporary interior decor show emphasise the property features. A neutral, nature-inspired design allows the eye to be drawn to the main focal point – the huge windows and incredible view in this case – without distracting from it. 

Furthermore, the lighting and outdoor design should work with the structure and features of the outside of the building, finishing the contemporary style beautifully. 

Are you a holiday home owner? What holiday home decorating ideas have you adopted? 

I would love to know if these tips are useful. 

Jen x


Jen Stanbrook
Jen Stanbrook

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  1. Arvind V
    September 17, 2019 / 10:05 pm

    Really loving some of these ideas especially the large white bathroom with the roof window. Also loving the cute blue living room and bedroom space which have been smartly decorated with numerous elements. Thanks for sharing!

    Alankar Interiors and Beyond

  2. Sam
    August 13, 2022 / 9:44 am

    I am very bad at home decoration, and your ideas post really helps – at least a little bit, as I’m the kind that just wants to have a desk and a bed to work and rest. Thank you so much, I’ll most probably take care of uncluttering my space first to have the impression of a bigger home!

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