Contemporary Garden Lighting Ideas with Lights4fun

Today’s post looks at some garden lighting from Lights4fun which I’ve used in the newly redesigned garden. Lights4fun kindly gifted me a selection of sets to use in the outdoor space and I feel like they’ve given it a completely different atmosphere. 

We’ve spent some time and money on updating part of the garden this summer season. It had become very shabby and was in desperate need of renovation. The fence was falling down, there were weeds everywhere and it was incredibly difficult to maintain and use. 

All the fencing was replaced, a new lawn was laid, raised beds created and finally a new gravel section was created to feature the 15 year old palm tree.  It’s such a transformation. 

Here’s a couple of before photos so you can really get a feel for how much of a difference this update has made. It’s going to be so much simpler to care for. 

And now here’s what it looks like……

The raised beds are intended for the teenagers who love growing flower and veg. One teen has spent the summer cultivating peppers, onions, spinach and lettuce (with various levels of success) and the other has enjoyed planting and nurturing sweet peas and flowering perennials. 

We spent the summer months enjoying the new lawn and layout, and then realised it needed a little something extra. 

The lights we’ve installed from Lights4fun are all solar powered. They’re really easy to setup and maintain. 

As you can see above, we’ve used fairy lights to line the two raised beds, and then bamboo stake lights to add some decoration as well as soft lighting to other areas. 

We used a staple gun to keep the cable in place around the inside of the raised beds which took some time but was worth it. The lights have various settings (and of course the teenagers keep switching them to full-on flashtastic mode!) and can be turned on and off. 

The fence lights are 3 different sets but we hung them continuously for greater effect. The solar panels are all staked into the ground and are unobtrusive. Again these lights have different settings and a switch to turn them on and off. The do come on automatically though as the daylight begins to fade. 

You’ll also notice the lanterns around my little gravelled seating area. I sit here frequently as the sun goes down with a quiet cup of coffee or something a little stronger. It seems to peaceful, even though we live in a busy suburb of a big city, and the space feels so mediterranean. 

The lantern lights by the mini table give the area a subtle glow and make it feel quite cosy as the light begins to fade. It’s a great spot to contemplate the dealings of the day and let my mind unwind and relax. 

Then finally, my favourite area has to be the fairy light canopy I’ve created over the outdoor table and chairs. Again this is all done with a set of fairy lights – one complete set actually – where we’ve wrapped the cord around some nails and hung the lights in a zigzag effect. It was very simple to achieve. 

I just love this little spot. It gives the area an almost magical feel in the early evening and helps ‘zone’ the area too. The solar panel stake is set into the ground and catches the sunshine for the majority of the day. As soon as the daylight falls away, the fairy lights pop on. 

I’m really pleased with all of these lights and if you’d like to check them out further, here are all the products I’ve used. They’re all good value I feel and give you choice and flexibility in creating your own atmospheric garden

Festoon lights || Fairly lights for canopy || Fairy lights for raised beds || Set of 2 lanterns || Set of 3 spotlights || Bamboo torch lights

And you can find out more about all of the lighting range, indoor and outdoor at Lights4fun

Jen x

Disclaimer: All of these light sets were gifted from Lights4fun but all opinions and comments are my own. 

Jen Stanbrook
Jen Stanbrook

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