Urban Revival with Plant Me Now: The Flower Bed Reveal

Back in March, I kicked off the Urban Revival project with Plant Me Now, who challenged me to reinvigorate an unloved space in my garden. As I had spent a lot of time on the back garden last year, this year I decided to give the front of our house some love. It’s not really a garden, more of a walkway to the front door, but I’ve never really known what to do with it.

This is how it looked back in March:

Front garden

As you can see, it was rather bare with a few box plants, and not really much else. The area doesn’t really get much sun, and the wall gives the  flower bed a lot of shade, which can be tricky for many plants.

The lovely people at Plant Me Now had all this information and gave me a plan on what to grow.

Here’s what we were aiming for. Dahlias, Lavender and lots of Calibrachoa in window boxes.

Flower bed

Window boxes

I was really excited to see how this would all come together but I was going to have to be patient.

The dahlia tubers were all planted up in individual pots and nurtured indoors for a month or two. Once the weather improved, I moved them outdoors to acclimitise and was very relieved to see them shooting! Another month and they were just about ready to plant up in the bed.

And this it what they look like now in the flower bed:

Front border complete

Purple Dahlias

Dahlia close up

At the moment, I only have flowers on the purple variety, so I’m hoping for a few more days of sun, and I’m sure I’ll see the orange Dahlias too. We also haven’t seen much flower on the lavender, but I’ll nurture these over the winter, and next year they’ll be much bigger and stronger, and produce some fragrant flowers.

For the window boxes, you may remember a project where I upcycled some boring planters a little while ago:

Planters after

Planting up the Calibrachoa into these boxes has really brought some life and colour to the front of the house, and so many people have commented on how lovely they look. I think maybe I need to be a bit more liberal with my watering can, but generally I’ve loved these plants and they’ve been so easy to take care of.

Window boxes 1

Window boxes 2

Overall, I’m really pleased in with the change to the space. It’s really added some colour and interest to the front area.

What do you think of the revived space? It looks much prettier doesn’t it, and it really makes me feel happy when I arrive at the front door.

Front flower dahlias

Now I’ve spent time on the area and love the way it’s transforming, I’m keen to keep it going with both spring bulbs and winter bedding plants as the year moves on, and would like to keep the front of the house looking attractive.

Wish me luck!

This post is in collaboration with Plant Me Now, who provided excellent guidance, planning and perennials for this project.

Jen Stanbrook
Jen Stanbrook

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  1. Sue J
    July 1, 2014 / 9:48 pm

    It looks fabulous, Jen! These front spaces are so common here in the UK, aren’t they? I was surprised by the Dahlia and Lavender combination, being that the area is quite shady, but it seems to be working beautifully. I’ve never grown Dahlias, myself, I understand they are quite tender, but you’ve made me want to give them a go!

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