How to Update Your Bedroom with Modern Touches

Many of us feel that we only head to our bedroom in order to sleep, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Our bedrooms are where we get ready before a night out. They’re where we over indulge in our favourite snacks while binge watching the latest box set or where we read a good book, or listen to our favourite Spotify playlist. They’re where we head to when we want to escape the world. 

Suffice to say, having your bedroom looking perfect is just as important as having an up to date kitchen design.

In this article, we’re going to offer a few tips on bringing that all important modern touch to your bedroom to ensure those evenings lazing on your bed are done in the most stylish manner possible.

Top Tips To Create a Modern Styled Bedroom

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Prepare to give your bedroom a seriously modern twist with some of these top tips. We guarantee after taking note of some of these, you won’t ever want to leave your new favourite room.

· Use Bright/Neutral Colours – in terms of bedroom design, pastels are the new neutrals so think of fresh pinks and baby blues. You might even want to throw in a fresh mint green too. Keep the look fresh with contrasting white walls and perhaps an accent of your chosen colour on the bed.

· Make It Open Plan – open plan design is the ultimate in modern space at the moment and that’s especially the case for bedrooms and en suites. Being able to see your bath from your bed is the new must.

· Make Use Of Natural Light – nothing compares to natural light. Unfortunately, for most of us, inserting more windows into the bedroom isn’t an option. What you can do however, is remove any window dressings that are blocking natural light from entering and add a few mirrors into your room to bounce the light around more.

· Keep Things Simple – while you don’t necessarily need to embrace minimalism to enjoy a modern bedroom, it certainly helps. Reducing clutter however, will do just as good a job and help simplify your current space hugely. Instead of lots of little accessories, consider enjoying one large statement piece.

· Use Natural Materials Where Possible – nothing says modern quite like natural materials so consider things such as wood and wool. Wooden bedside cabinets and chunky woollen bed throws will instantly transform your room.

· Consider A Feature Wall – something that’s always popular is to paint or wallpaper just one wall in the room with a modern design. Geometrics are the current popular trend however, having a wall full to the brim of picture frames could be just as impactful and remain modern too.

· Have Fun With Lighting – no modern bedroom space would be complete without enjoying some seriously spectacular lighting. Think of floor standing lamps, ornamental lamp shades and even lamps mounted directly onto your headboards. Create not only a modern feel but a romantic one at the same time.

Get More Help With Your Bedroom Design

We know that for some, design doesn’t come naturally and even for those who do enjoy this aspect of home ownership, time can be a constraint. If you’d like assistance creating the ultimate modern space in your bedroom, visit a company like Matter Designs website today to get the design help you need. 


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