Creating a Cosy Autumn Bedroom With Modern Bedding

Updating your bedroom is easy when you add new bedding. It’s the one way I love to give my bedroom a different feel and it’s quick, simple and relatively inexpensive. 

As the September summer days head to a close we start to look towards the cooler Autumn weather. It’s my favourite season. I love the change in temperature, the chillier mornings, the cooler evenings, yet the sun is still bright. 

I adore the changing leaves, the new fashions and the feel of regeneration as September gets underway. 

It’s a great time to change things up in the home too. Adding new cushions, swapping plants from room to room and of course, changing the bedding. 

Today’s post features some of the new A/W Bedding trends from Julian Charles. I’ve chosen some of my favourites from their different collections to show how just the right bedding can make a huge difference. 

You’ll know if you follow me regularly how much I adore yellow home accessories.

How cheerful is this bright yellow bedding set with pompoms? It’s the perfect way to brighten up a bedroom and give the space a completely new feel. And whilst it’s a summer focused colour, it still works into the Autumn. I have my eye on this for our loft bedroom actually but don’t tell my husband. 

It’s just perfect for a room with white or grey walls. But even if you have a floral wallpaper you can still make this work. Don’t be afraid to add such a bright hue into your home, at least with an accessory like bedding, it’s easy to swap it out when you need a change. 

Next, let’s take a look at something completely different. 

This softly floral bedding is a great way to add colour and interest to a plainer bedroom. The focus comes from the green and pink hues so choose one of the accents to work through other accessories. Choose pink to give the room a softer, more feminine room, and green for a more natural, earthy space. 

I think this is the perfect transitional piece as we move from one season to the next. 

Now how about something for the Scandi home lovers amongst you. Checks never go out of fashion do they?

This grey check is modern and on trend giving a minimal decor a little colour lift and lots more texture. It’s a typical design for a winter room and paired with natural woods and raw materials, the overall look is one of warmth and comfort. 

This look is great for the winter months and a perfect accessory to take you towards Christmas. 

What if you need something similar, soft yet more glamorous? Well how about a delicately textured floral?

This subtle pattern is the perfect partner to your chrome and metallic furniture, silver accents and velvet accessories. It’s the nod to floral that many of us are happy with yet doesn’t bring strong colours and bright hues which aren’t everyone’s style. 

The layering of greys and blues in the design on the fresh white background gives it depth and keeps it feeling crisp. Perfect for those that love a simple decor but still want a little pattern. 

And then finally let’s embrace a look that carries us right through to the depths of winter. This style has been around for some seasons now but I still love it. 

The green has become much darker in these designs but the idea is still the same. Forest trees, a winter scene depicting Scandinavia, although a little cliched, is still popular and makes a lovely addition to a green bedroom

Add wooden furniture, chunky throws and soft lighting and you’ve created a really cosy bedroom with modern bedding, with just a few simple changes. 

If you like the selection of bedding I’ve chosen for this post, you can see it on the Julian Charles website

Julian Charles is a family business since 1947 and has evolved from a manufacturer of ready made curtains to a multi-channel retailer with over 190 stores across the UK.

What will you do to your bedroom to give it a cosy feel this autumn?

Don’t forget also that Egyptian Cotton sheets can be a great choice for cosy autumn bedroom vibes.

Jen x


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