Tips for Buying Furniture Both You and Your Partner Will Like

Today’s guest post is just great and I love these tips, mainly because I’ve experienced this problem first hand. Have you?

Tiops for buying furniture both you and your partner will like

Furniture is an essential part of every house, but if you are sharing your house with someone, it can also be an area of contention. Finding furniture and furnishings that appeal to both of your tastes may be tough but it is doable! When you’ve decided what you want in your house, furnishing specialists like Super A-Mart can help you bring your ideas to life – visit to see what they can offer. If you’re still a bit unsure or can’t find the middle ground, check out the following tips.

Have a Plan

Shopping for furniture is so much easier when you have a plan in mind. Think about what type of furniture and the kinds of furnishings you would like to have in each room before you go into a store. Online shops are good places to look for ideas, but don’t get your heart set anything in particular – it may look drastically different in person. It’s important to work together in this planning stage. Compare what you like and what you don’t like. Anything that causes a rift can be nipped in the bud sooner rather than later.

Match the Space

Take a good look at the spaces you want to furnish and match your purchases or plans accordingly. Even if you have totally different tastes, choosing furniture that fits in with the types of rooms you have will be a step in the right direction. The last thing you want to have is furniture that is dysfunctional for your space!

Neutral Colours

A neutral colour palate is always a great place to start. It can be hard to agree on bright or unusual colours, but it’s generally easy to find a neutral colour palette you both appreciate. Beginning in a neutral place will also allow you to get a better feel of the space and how you would like things to develop. Neutral colours don’t have to be boring. The final look will depend on style of furniture you decide to buy, the colour in the accessories and the overall colour scheme that you have for your house.

Mix Styles

You can’t expect to agree on everything. An interesting way to get around this problem is to combine some of your styling choices. Mix things up a bit so you will both feel comfortable in your new home. You might even find yourself liking some of the new combinations that you come up with! This will also allow you both to feel like you are contributing to the furnishing process, and you will end up decorating a house you both will love.

These are just some tips for buying furniture that will appease both you and your partner. It is extremely important to do all your research as thoroughly as you can and to work at it together. It may seem a daunting task to begin with but it will get easier the more you work through it. You will end up with a beautiful house with furniture that you both adore.

Do you and your partner have clashing tastes when it comes to home decoration? How have you overcome this? Do you have any tips you would pass on to those just starting out? Leave your advice and comments down below.

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  1. School Gate Style
    September 27, 2014 / 8:03 pm

    Haha – been there, done that! Great advice Jen x

  2. Jess
    October 8, 2014 / 8:21 pm

    Great information. Mixing styles is one of my favorite things! I love a large masculine piece accented with soft feminine touches. It usually makes both parties happy!

  3. Chaise Sofas
    October 3, 2018 / 4:54 am

    Nice tip ans specially that natural color idea . thank you for sharing these informative tips and ideas with us.

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