Antique Furniture Store: The Importance of Shopping Local

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Let’s examine importance and benefits of shopping in a local antique furniture store.

Although the internet has provided us with unlimited access and options to anything that we are looking for, sometimes the best thing for us may be on our doorstep.

There may be several great local alternatives in your town that you see on the way to work but have never visited. Why not give them a chance?

It may seem easier to order all your furniture online, but that may cause more issues than it is worth. A flatpack furniture delivery may seem like a good idea at the time until it turns out that the assembly is a nightmare, and you don’t even have the required tools to do so.

Being more thoughtful about where all the things in your home come from is a great thing for the planet.

Plus, your local antique furniture store and other independent furniture stores will contain one of a kind pieces of furniture that you will love.

Whether you are moving into your first home or simply looking to update your tired-looking couch, here are some reasons why shopping within your local area at an independent store like Hunter Furnishing can be a lifesaver when it comes to the stress of buying furniture.

Antique Furniture Store – Why You Should Shop Local

antiques from a local antique furniture store

Convenience shopping

By taking a trip to a local antique furniture store within your area, you can see your potential new piece of furniture in person, really getting a feel of what the product is like.

We have all heard of horror stories of people ordering things online and receiving not quite what they expected. Therefore going in person can help you avoid that.

Stopping into a local shop and selecting a piece of furniture on the spot is a really easy process, and the shop owners can plan with you to deliver your item to your door.

Many shops can also build your furniture for you, saving you any flatpack deliveries that can take hours to build.

There is also an option to take the item home yourself if you have the space in your car, saving any delivery times. You may find that you can leave your home and come back with exactly what you need by the end of the day.

This saves a lot of time waiting on international shipping and delivery, which usually happens when shopping online.

Better for the environment

dark wood antique table from a local antique furniture store

By ordering your furniture locally, you can help reduce your carbon footprint. The cut-down travel time of your item will help reduce pollution.

It can be overwhelming knowing where to start when becoming more environmentally friendly. Sourcing your furniture from your local area can be an excellent way to start.

Your furniture store will have dedicated delivery drivers who will also know the local area, which means there is little chance of not finding your home.

 If you decide to take your furniture home with you instead, that also does help the environment by cutting down on the delivery driver.

Support your local community

Spending money within your local community will help boost your local economy, which benefits the entire community. 

Your money may directly go towards the store owners’ kids being able to afford after school activities such as football practice, picking up piano lessons or even ballet classes. This, in turn, would pay the wage of local people working with these kids, keeping the money circulating.

Through buying locally, you will also increase more local jobs. The more products are bought, the bigger the store’s workload, leading the store to hire more people.

Most businesses have a good network of contacts from within the local community. Many independent furniture stores work directly with other independent local businesses.

They can be directly furniture related or even recommend any other local services you may need, such as mechanics, hairdressers or even pet sitters.

Saving you money

A great benefit to shopping locally is that it can help curb any impulsive buying.

It can be very easy to overspend by shopping online as you can become distracted by various marketing techniques. You may be looking to buy one item but end up with an unnecessary six instead, wasting your money.

Your mood can also affect any impulsive buying as the quick dopamine fix may help lift your mood but can hurt your wallet.

By visiting shops locally, and visiting a local antique furniture store, you can keep more level headed when making decisions as seeing items in person may help you make up your mind more clearly. Some items may be too large or too small for what you need, and it can be difficult to gauge the size of items online.

Another way you may save money is if an item breaks, you can more easily return it to the store instead of resending an item to an online store.

Many local businesses will have great return or breakage policies and speaking to store employees in person may also result in above-board excellent customer service.

Would you consider furnishing your home from a local antique furniture store?

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