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Do you think quite visually, and need lots of images and real life examples to help you formulate your home interior plans?

I’m exactly like that. I need to hunt through magazines, trawl through the internet and check out blogs and Pinterest to help me see how my home could look once the plans are put into action.

If you’re very much a visual thinker, like me, then you’ll love ploughing through the hundreds of images that are available to you. If, however, you really love to see things in words, then maybe chatting through your ideas with someone else is more your thing.

This is exactly what was on offer recently, during an Inspiration Day at my local HomeSense store. I set up a very cosy little consultation area, which showed off some of my favourite HomeSense products of the day, and customers were invited to come and chat over a glass of sparkly and a cupcake.

The Moodboard Maven was in residence!

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After a quick scour of the store, I chose some key bright and jazzy cushions to offset the lovely seating, with simple white side tables and a few chic animal accessories too. Typography art is another favourite of mine, so I added a few wall hangings propped against the window. It’s a little bit eclectic, but that’s very much the HomeSense style. The consultation area was complete and we were ready to begin.

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Brown Suede Tub Chair £249

Pink and Green Formal Accent Chairs £149

Typography Wall Art from £14.99


So what kind of interiors inspiration are HomeSense shoppers looking for? Well, it turns out, pretty much anything and everything, but lots of people were interested in the cosy area we had created, the seating in particular.

Cushion chat

Question: How comfortable is this chair and will it work with my current lounge colour scheme?

Top Tip: We love to try out products, sit in them, touch them, and feel them to get a better understanding of them. The neutral colour of this lovely tub chair will work with all kinds of schemes and interiors, from the more traditional through to modern and contemporary looks.

Cushions and rugs

Question: I’ve just chosen this beautiful pink and white striped rug, have you seen any co-ordinating cushions?

Top Tip: Remember, not everything has to ‘match’. Find prints and patterns that work well together, but be adventurous and bring a sense of your personality into your choices. Let your home be a reflection of who you are.


Question: It’s quite an investment, should I spend this much on the garden?

Top Tip: See the garden as an extension of the home, and create a space that you love to spend time in. One or two key feature purchases will really give the garden area the wow factor. And don’t procrastinate too long, this is HomeSense and once it’s gone, it’s gone!

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Garden Gazebo £499

Outdoor Garden Seats £249 each

Wandering around the store, and chatting to customers, I was struck by how many items I was drawn to. With so many products on offer, it’s sometimes hard to visualise how individual pieces will look once you put them into your own home.

Top Tip: Try grouping items together in your shopping trolley to see if they work together. Throw out the items that ‘jar’ with your finished scheme.

Blogger picks

*Blogger Recommends*

Storm Lantern £19.99

Home Sign £14.99

Ceramic Horse Head £29.99

Swirl Glass Bowl £17.99

The Inspiration Day was a great success, with lots of homes and interiors chat, cake and sparkly. A perfect combination!

So are you inspired? How do you go about getting inspiration for your home interior plans?

Maybe a cupcake will help!


*All prices are approximate

*This post is part of my ongoing blogger project with HomeSense and Huffington Post Home. All comments, opinions and thoughts expressed are all my own though.

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Jen Stanbrook

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