Top 3 Differences between DIY Verandas and Professional Installations

Today’s guest post is looking at the idea of whether it’s worth doing a DIY project for a new veranda, for example, and when to know to call in the professionals. We tend to do most jobs ourselves, but there are some bigger things that we would enlist professional help for. Enjoy!

Beautiful veranda

Home veranda installations – to do it yourself, or not? Either of these two options holds advantages; adding a veranda can totally transform your home, augmenting its aesthetic appeal. For this purpose, there are numerous companies providing DIY veranda kits, but the question here is: should you run the risk without professional support or should you hire the services of qualified experts?

Today, the concept of DIY has become a popular trend among homeowners. With the extensive availability of home improvement shows and seminars, as well as the internet, fixing things around the house often becomes a pet project for people. Fixing things yourself can instil a sense of pride and there are many activities which are more economical when completed without professional assistance. However, on occasion, it is prudent to employ trained and certified specialists. Hiring an experienced veranda installation company like 123v will enable you to choose from state of the art designs, set up by skilled engineers.

Here are a few simple points which will help you reach a decision sooner:

Cost Factor

One of the most significant aspects of a DIY veranda purchase will be the cost incurred by hiring professionals. Yet, although it is true that DIY incurs fewer costs, such undertakings involve fairly simple activities. In fact, you may end up causing more damage to your pocket. Professionals have greater knowledge and experience of the installation process – your money buys an excellent finish. Keep in mind that they can also purchase the required tools for a lower cost.

Knowledge and Skills

When you take on a new project like a veranda installation without full familiarity of the tools, it can be frustrating since you may not be sure of the end results. DIY kits can help you, to a certain extent, with a helpful guide containing step-by-step details of the fitting process. However, even with a detailed guide, sometimes you face difficulties and when it comes to complicated structures like a veranda, you will certainly require the right set of skills. A team like the 123v professionals have sufficient knowledge and the added bonus of years of experience.

Your Time

Building a complicated structure, even with a DIY kit, will demand a lot of time. A professional service will finish the job faster and the results will be as desired, but when you DIY, you can never be sure of the end result. A company like 123v supply luxury ornate designs for glass verandas and specialised cantilever designs. Their teams install your glass canopy within a short span of time at affordable costs

When you hire a professional, you have the security throughout the construction process. Not only do you save both time and energy but, in addition, you also become a proud owner of a beautiful veranda!

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Jen Stanbrook
Jen Stanbrook

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  1. Michael
    August 10, 2014 / 6:47 pm

    Sometimes it’s better to make the veranda all by yourself.Having had a veranda put in a few months ago, I have had nothing but leaks all the time it rains. I complained a number of times. The fitters came once or twice and still haven’t solved the problem. I wish I made it myself….

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