20 Top DIY Tools for Every New Homeowner

If you’ve just got your foot on the property ladder then congratulations – now the fun really begins! Whilst turning your new house into your dream home you will probably notice a few repairs or replacements that need carrying out.

Cracked tiles, leaky taps, and fixing damp that’s been painted over by previous owners are all common problems. In fact, a recent survey by insurance company LV= has revealed new homeowners spend on average £4,205 fixing hidden problems in their new property.

But don’t worry – with a bit of web surfing for DIY tips, and websites like DJM Direct, you can tackle many of the common problems yourself and learn some valuable home improvement skills along the way!

top diy tools for the new homeowner

Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or just starting out in the world of home improvement, having the best tools for homeowners at your disposal is essential. From minor repairs to major renovations, the right tool set can make all the difference. In this guide, we delve into the best homeowner tool set options available, focusing on versatility, durability, and value. Ideal for DIYers of all skill levels, these top picks encompass the best tools for DIY, ensuring you’re well-equipped for any project. Discover the best tools for home improvement that every DIY homeowner should have in their arsenal.

Here are the best tools for new homeowners:

1 . Screwdriver set: One of the best DIY tools, invest in both flat head and Phillips head (with a cross shaped end) – at least a couple of different sizes of each should see you through most DIY projects. For extra ease and convenience invest in an electric screwdriver with a set of interchangeable heads – the reverse screw feature is an absolute blessing when you’re taking something apart.

2. Claw hammer: You’d struggle to carry out even the most basic of DIY projects without one of these. From putting nails in for hanging pictures, to using the claw feature to pull bent nails back out, this is one tool you really can’t do without.

3. Combination Pliers: Pulling, pinching, clamping, stripping wires and bending metal, the humble set of pliers will come through for you time and again. They tend to have a long thin tip making them the perfect tool for delicate work in small areas where space is limited.

4. Adjustable Wrench: The sliding jaw of this useful tool can change its width and allow you to use it on nuts and bolts of a variety of sizes.

5. Tape measure: Whether you’re checking to see if a sofa fits in a room or you’re hanging wallpaper, a tape measure is likely to feature in most of your DIY projects. Opt for a sturdy metal one of around 20 feet long.

6. Spirit Level: Put that spirit level app on your phone away and make sure you invest in the real thing. This simple tool with its bubble feature will truly stand the test of time.

7. Electric drill: Look for a cordless rechargeable drill to save you hassle. This piece of equipment can last you a lifetime if you get a decent model, so buy the best you can afford and you’ll be reaping the rewards for decades.

8.Crosscut Saw: A good general purpose handsaw with medium size teeth (approx. 7 teeth per inch) will see you through a variety of projects, whether taking down branches in the garden or cutting timber for woodworking.

9. Stanley Knife: Whether it’s cutting up old carpet into manageable chunks or simply opening a well wrapped box, the super sharp blade of this knife will cut through textiles like a hot knife through butter.

10. Torch: Having a torch to light up dark areas makes working so much easier but is also essential for your safety, allowing you to see exactly what you are doing. Lighting up dark areas when you need to work with two hands is made possible when you have a head lamp too.

11. Chisel Set: Ideal for woodworking and carving tasks. A set with various sizes will help in detailed work, such as fitting door hinges or creating joints. Opt for a set with a comfortable grip and durable blades.

12. Utility Knife: Besides a Stanley knife, a utility knife with a retractable blade is great for precision cutting tasks. It’s perfect for trimming wallpaper, cutting vinyl flooring, or slicing through thick cardboard.

13. Stud Finder: Essential for locating studs in walls before drilling or nailing, ensuring you don’t hit any pipes or wires. A simple magnetic or electronic stud finder is a must-have for safe DIY.

14. Allen Wrench Set (Hex Keys): These are vital for assembling flat-pack furniture, adjusting bicycles, or working on anything with hexagonal bolts. A set with various sizes will cover most needs.

15. Wire Stripper: If you’re doing any electrical work, a wire stripper is indispensable for safely stripping insulation from electrical wires without damaging the core.

16.Pipe Wrench: For any plumbing tasks, a pipe wrench is crucial for gripping and turning pipes, nuts, and fittings. Its toothed jaws provide a strong grip, making it easier to work on plumbing fixtures.

17. Hacksaw: A versatile tool for cutting through metal, plastic pipes, and brackets. Its fine-toothed blade can handle a range of materials, making it a useful addition to your toolkit.

18.Bradawl: A simple yet effective tool for making starter holes in wood for screws or nails. It’s particularly handy for precision tasks or when working with hard woods.

19. Multimeter: This electronic measuring instrument is invaluable for any electrical DIY work. It can measure voltage, current, and resistance, helping you to safely diagnose and fix electrical issues.

20. Sanding Block and Sandpaper: For smooth finishes in woodworking and painting projects. A sanding block helps you evenly apply pressure and makes sanding surfaces quicker and more effective.

In summary, equipping yourself with the right tools is the first step towards successful DIY projects and home improvements.

The best tools for homeowners are those that offer reliability, versatility, and ease of use, catering to a wide range of tasks around the house. Whether you’re tackling a quick fix or embarking on a more ambitious renovation, the right tool set empowers you to achieve professional results with your own hands.

Remember, investing in quality tools not only simplifies your work but also adds value to your home DIY experience.

So, choose wisely, and let your home improvement journey be as rewarding and efficient as possible.


Discover the top 20 DIY tools every homeowner needs.
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