How to Stay Safe with DIY Home Improvement Projects

If you’re redecorating your home in the near future, stop what you are doing and read this first. Safety should always be your priority.

Upgrading your home is one of the best things about being an adult. You get to improve your living situation while you treat yourself. It’s fun, it’s frivolous, and it makes your life better. As the saying goes, you should spend your weekend building the life you want for yourself through the week. DIY is no exception to this rule… but it can quickly go wrong if you’re not an expert.

We’re here to give you a few cautionary warnings before you take up that toolbox.

Here are a few safety tips to keep in mind, and some common sense skills you should be aware of in reference to your DIY decisions. Let’s start with the basics: to DIY or not to DIY, that is the current question.

To DIY or Not to DIY?

There is one rule in Doing it Yourself that supersedes all others. Many people think this rule is that you should attempt it yourself before you call in a professional. This is a complete lie.

Don’t do anything yourself that you’re not confident in.

If you don’t think you can do it, the chances are that you are right. Worse still, if you DIY when you shouldn’t and get it wrong, you can find yourself with a repair bill far higher than it ever would have been if you’d just called a pro in the first place.

To put things simply: if you doubt you can DIY it, then don’t DIY it. Call in professional help and get it done right the first time around, and without messing up your home. Your spouse will thank you for it, trust us.

Let’s cover some safety concerns next.

Considerations to Make Before you Do it Yourself

Before you rush off and start swinging that hammer, here are some safety concerns you should address.

DIY Gas and Electricity

If there is one area that you absolutely should not touch, under any circumstances whatsoever, it is installing gas or electricity to your home. It’s one thing to plug in and turn on your new kettle, it’s a whole other ballgame to put the socket in place. Unless you are a certified, qualified gas or electricity technician, you need to call in the experts and don’t try this at home.

If you’re storing gas cylinders in or around your property, you should also consider how to store them safely. Secure gas storage means that you’re greatly reducing the chance of gas leaks and fires that can be safety concerns. 

Plumbing work falls into this category, but at least plumbing won’t kill you instantly if you do it wrong. Put down the tools, step away from the toolbox, and get a certified tech on the line instead.

Safety Gear

Before you pulled down the wall that was getting in the way, did you put on a safety mask? Did you wear your goggles? Did you even invest in steel toed boots so you didn’t have a wall land on your foot? Or did you just go at it with the sledgehammer and hope for the best?

Safety clothing is incredibly important in building work.

Imagine you knocked down that wall and it contained asbestos? Imagine fragments of it got into the air and you breathed it in with no mask on? Your small dose of DIY could leave your children without a parent. That’s how important PPE is in building work. Don’t’ DIY without it.

Stress Levels

DIY isn’t always good for your mental health. If you struggle to put a nail in the wall or if you don’t have the correct tools, DIY is downright difficult. Doing something difficult in your free time isn’t necessarily good for you.

If the DIY is going to stress you out beyond your capacity to stay cool, calm, and collected, then get rid of it and call a professional. We should also add that if a professional tells you that you shouldn’t DIY something, you should listen to them. Yes, they are biased. Yes, they know what they are talking about.

Is DIY Worth It?

The last thing we want to talk about is whether or not DIY is actually worth it in terms of your home.

If you are going to fix it and it is going to look messy and unkempt, do you really want to have to look at that every day? It’s your house, after all.

If you think you can live with messy, mistake-ridden DIY jobs, then go ahead and live with it. If you want a happy marriage, however, we suggest you don’t inflict that on your partner.

Are you a confident DIYer?


Jen Stanbrook
Jen Stanbrook

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