What are Self Build Homes and Are They Worth It?

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Self-build homes are the new way to get everything you ever wanted from your property. Do you have what it takes to build your own home?

Building your own home is both easier and harder than you might think. How tough it is to build your own dream house depends entirely on how you do it. There are easy ways to engage in a custom home that you build yourself, and there are difficult ways to do it. We talk about both ways in greater detail, below.

First, let’s explore the world of self-build homes in the UK. Are they popular? What are the benefits? And are you cut out for creating your own forever home, or do you need to stick to buying pre-made? Let’s discuss.

Do Many People Self-Build Their Homes?

The answer to this question varies based on where you live. In the UK, only a small segment of the market custom build their home themselves. Over in Europe, however, that fraction becomes an impressive 50%. Building your own home is as normal as buying it. We can put this down to perceived difficulty. The Europeans have the process of self-building down to a fine art whereas we in the UK would rather not deal with the hassle. The truth is that it isn’t a hassle when you know what you are doing. Unfortunately, they don’t teach housebuilding in schools.

According to a UK government review, about 13,000 homes are self-built every year. That’s hardly any at all. In fact, there are two main ways to build your own house. There is a third way for the wealthy, which is simply to tell a contractor what you want and have them take care of it all. This is less of a self-build and more of a construction company build. Leet’s examine the other two ways.

Self Build Homes: How Do You Build One?

The next logical question for those still interesting in the self-build project, is how do you build it? There are two ways to do it. First of all, you can look into a self-build scheme or agency, or you can do it completely yourself – the tough way.

Self-Build Homes – the Plots

Self-build plots offered by project planners allow you to purchase a plot within a community of other home builders. Once you have purchased your plot with them, you can use their approved contractors to get the ball rolling on your house. You can liaise with their architects and use their builders. If you look at these plots in rural England, for example, you will notice that you can even use the company’s templates to self-build your home in a suave architectural style that will blend in with the community.

Self-Building Independently

If you choose to buy a parcel of land and go it completely alone, you are in for some hard work. Fortunately there are still benefits to doing this. It might work out cheaper than a bought house. It might give you the experience you need for future building projects. Equally, it might drive you to your wit’s end and cost you more than you budgeted for. Mistakes are common when you build for the first time.

The Steps to Self-Building Your Home

We broke down the self-build homes project into manageable steps.

1 – Costs and finances

Before you agree to build anything, price it out from the land to the construction contractor.

2 – Find a plot

Next, find a plot of land worthy of your new home. Research the plot. Look at flooding and reasons nobody has built there before. If you are building with a community, scheme, or larger project, you can turn the rest of the work over to them from here on.

3 – Seek permissions

You will need planning permission to build on your land. You will need to consult with the local planning office about what you need to do during your build to stay in compliance.

4 – Hire contractors

We recommend you hire a project manager to hire everyone else. They have the experience. If you are project managing yourself, research the role and the order of building thoroughly before you start.

5 – Approve the plans

Once you’ve hired your architect and given them instructions, you need to approve their work then everyone needs to consult before it takes shape.

6 – The Build

Only when you have thoroughly researched everything and costed it, should you start building.

Self-Build Homes Could Save You Money

Self build homes could save you money. If you don’t know what you’re doing, hand it over to someone who does. If you do know what you’re doing, plan wisely. Don’t go putting the roof on before the walls are up.

Would you consider a self build home? 


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