5 Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Conservatory

Many people talk about what you can do to improve the value of your home. Building a conservatory isn’t always something that springs to mind, but these extensions can be invaluable to increasing space on the ground floor of your home. 

With the right design and layout they can vastly improve the way you live and add value to your property, but you need to know which mistakes to avoid when building a conservatory. 

Let’s discuss this in more detail and see what you can do to make your conservatory a success. 

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Conservatory. 

According to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, a conservatory will add around 5% to the value of your home (Stormclad) and whilst that’s not necessarily that much, you should also consider the positive impact a conservatory will have on the way you use your home. 

If you get years of enjoyment from the extra space on the ground floor, that’s worth a huge amount too. 

You need to ensure you follow some simple points though before you go ahead and have one built. 

#1. Consider Your View

Don’t forget there’s always a lot of glass in a conservatory and you’ll want to ensure you have a good view, from all angles. Before you go ahead with the build, imagine what your view is going to look like. You don’t want to be staring at a brick wall or dilapidated shed

#2 Design with Style

Choose the best kind of style for your type of home. From Edwardian, Victorian, Gable-Fronted, Lean-Tos and full glass conservatories, choosing one that best suits your current home will give you the best design results and maintain the value of your property. 

#3 Floor Plan

Don’t get carried away with the outside design of your conservatory that you forget to consider how you’ll use the available space. You will need a wall or too where you can put a sofa or storage units, particularly if you want it to be a living space, so consider these points carefully and experiment with a floor plan. 

#4 Going too Small

Following on from the point above, be careful you can create a big enough conservatory which fits your needs. It’s tempting to keep costs down and create a smaller space, but ensure it’s usable. Too many people build a conservatory that is too small for purpose and is pretty much useless apart from a storage cupboard. 

If cost is an issue there is help available. Whether you’re considering a conservatory or need help with new windows in your home, you can get double glazing finance from companies like Stormclad which helps you spread the cost of the project. 

You don’t have to be restricted by a lack of available funds for home improvement projects like these. 

#5 Forgetting the Flow

The conservatory is going to be an extension of your current home, so ensure the design and decor flows from the rest of the house. Keeping the look and finish similar to other rooms helps the whole ground floor feel bigger and more spacious and will ensure the conservatory doesn’t feel like a box stuck onto he back of your home

However you plan to use your conservatory, whether it’s as a playroom, dining room, extra living room or even office space, keep the points above in mind and you can’t go wrong. 

Would you consider having a conservatory built onto your home? 

Jen x

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