Why We All Need Self Cleaning Glass Windows

Ok so I know this sounds a little indulgent but stick with me, there’s a reason why I think we need to look at self cleaning glass on many occasions when undergoing a home renovation project.

You may know that a few years ago I embarked on a loft conversion in our Victorian semi. It was a project that transformed the way we use our home, gave us a much needed extra bedroom (and small bathroom) and made the house feel more balanced overall.

You can see more about the process, costs and final reveal for the loft bedroom HERE.

Now you might see that we have some rather unusual windows in this room.

And because they’re so high up there was a lot of debate with the architect and builders on how we would keep them clean. In the end we had to modify the design in order to make them open far enough to clean the outsides. BUT, the large picture window can’t be opened or reached for easy cleaning. It’s turned into a bit of a saga.

#ProjectAtticThink how much easier and more practical these windows would have been with self cleaning glass.

What is Self-Cleaning Glass?

It sounds a little too good to be true right? A bit like a self cleaning oven – does anyone think they really work?!

So it works by using an organic process to clean itself. Daylight breaks down any dirt and then it’s washed away by the rain. Sounds simple right, but does it really work?

After years of research, companies like Pilkington United Kingdom Limited have invested in, and created a range of products that offer self cleaning glass. In fact, Pilkington United Kingdom Limited was the first company to develop and sell their range, called Activ™, of self cleaning glass.

It’s environmentally friendly and easy to maintain. Find out more about Pilkington Activ™ HERE

How Does it Work?

It works in 2 stages. The first is ‘photocatalytic’ where the glass coating reacts with daylight to break down organic dirt.

The second is ‘hydrophilic’ when rainwater hitting the glass spreads evenly, rather than in droplets, running off in a sheet and taking loosened dirt with it. Furthermore it dries quickly leaving no streaks. How clever is that!

What are the Benefits?

Opting for this type of self cleaning glass means no more worries about how to clean difficult to reach windows or glass roofs. Alternatively you can use this on all of your windows for year round sparkly views.

Don’t forget you’ll do your bit for the environment too as there’s no need for glass cleaning products. All you need is a little rainwater (or a hose in a very dry spell).

Pilkington United Kingdom Limited also has a range of energy efficient glass which can help to reduce energy bills by up to 20% and combined with the properties of self cleaning glass, help reduce your carbon footprint.

Where Can you Use It?

Whilst I’ve talked about how this product would have been so useful in my big loft window, there are other areas and projects where self cleaning glass is essential.

How about your conservatory roof? How often do you need to get out the step ladders and hose to give it a good clean? I know my parents have to do this with theirs. Imagine self cleaning glass used here – no  more tricky mornings spent teetering on the ladder.

Roof windows in either your loft conversion of ground floor extension. They’re so popular and often essential in the design of such spaces, but keeping them clean is a nightmare. And very fiddly. Opting for self cleaning glass will make all the difference and keep them shiny – and the room light-filled – at all times.

Everyone loves the look of a bifold door in their kitchen extension. It allows the interior to flow to the exterior seamlessly and the larger the better. Installing self cleaning glass in bifold doors lessens the overall maintenance and energy expended on keeping them clean.

Do you have self cleaning glass in your home? Let me know in the comments below

Jen x

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Jen Stanbrook

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