How to Clean and Maintain a Glass Splashback?

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How do you clean and maintain a glass splashback?

Is your kitchen or bathroom glass splashback beginning to look a little dirty? A splashback is a fantastic addition to your home, helping you to protect your walls from spills and stains.

However, this does mean that they face a lot of daily use and need regular cleaning to keep them looking their best. 

When it comes to cleaning and maintaining your glass splashbacks, where should you start?

We thought we would look at our top tips to keep yours looking as good as the day it was installed:

How To Clean a Glass Splashback

1. Wipe up stains straight away 

One of the most effective methods of keeping your glass splashback clean and well maintained is to ensure that you are wiping away, and stains and marks as quickly as possible.

The sooner you are able to remove any mess, the easier it will be and the less likely you are to face stubborn stains that require elbow grease to clear. 

2. Use high-quality glass cleaner 

If you have not cleaned your glass splashback in a while and are facing a lot of stubborn stains, then ensure that you are using a good quality glass cleaner. When left for a period of time, stains can begin to harden, which can make them a lot tougher to remove. 

A high-quality cleaner will make these far easier to remove, helping you to restore your glass splashback back to its former glory.

It is possible to make your own cleaner using a solution of white vinegar and water, and if you are facing a particularly greasy splashback, then a solution of baking powder and water can help to remove this. 

marble glass splashback in a green ktichen with white walls and high shelfImage: Cuisinart

3. Don’t clean in sunlight 

When the sun shines on your glass splashback, it will often reveal stains and marks that you might not otherwise spot. This can make it very tempting to grab the cleaning materials and get scrubbing, but this can be a mistake.

The heat of the sun shining on the glass will cause the cleaning solution to dry out quickly, resulting in streaks and stains.

This often occurs when cleaning black glass splashbacks, that is why you should wait for any direct sunlight to move before starting to try and clean.

4. Use a microfibre cloth 

When keeping your glass clean, it can be tough to leave the surface free from streaks. Using a microfibre is a great way to help you keep your glass clean and streak-free, ensuring it remains looking its very best. 

If you do not have a lint-free cloth available, then newspaper can be a fantastic way to remove stains – just remember to wear gloves to prevent the ink from rubbing off on your hands. 

How do you remove grease from a splashback?

Any splashback, whether glass or not is going to be attacked by cooking grease from cooking at some stage. We all know our kitchens can become very greasy, even with an extractor fan. 

So you’ll need to keep your splashback grease free on a regular basis. Hot, soapy water is the best way, but there are dedicated cleaners too that help break down the grease and keep your splashback streak free. 

Just remember not to use anything abrasive, particularly on your glass splashback. 

In need of a new glass splashback?

Is your glass splashback showing signs of permanent damage such as scratches, chips and cracks? If so, it might be time for a new one. 

What’s the Latest Trend for Splashbacks?

A glass splashback is definitely at the top of our list for it’s universal appeal and long lasting style. It appeals to most kitchen designs and works well in traditional, country and modern kitchen layouts. 

If you want something that stands out, consider a patterned splashback or even one with added sparkle.

Personalised glass splashbacks are becoming more popular with the ability to add your own personal photos into the glass. You could opt for a holiday memory, a favourite image of the children or even one of a family pet!

Small kitchens would benefit from a mirrored glass splashback that helps the room feel more spacious by giving the illusion of added space. Just remember to follow all of the cleaning tips above to keep it in great condition. 

Should you replace a Splashback?

If you’ve invested in a good splashback, you won’t need to replace one until you do a kitchen renovation or remodel. 

On the odd occasion this does happen, and your splashback breaks, or becomes unusable, they can be very easy to replace. Ensure you’re replacing it with a similar size, then simply remove the old one (the exact instructions will depend on how it’s installed) and then install your new. 

If you’re not sure, it’s always best to call in a professional.

So now you know how to clean a glass splashback so it looks like new, what are you waiting for? Get out your rubber gloves and get cleaning!


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