Review: Contemporary Dining Table and Chairs Set from Out & Out

Our dining room has always been a tricky room to furnish. It’s not a traditional dining room, but we use it more as a dining den. The current setup suits our family and has meant we use this space a lot more than we ever used to. 

With the current configuration, we have a small love seat sofa which faces a tv, and then lots of storage for general paraphernalia as well as shoes and bags. That doesn’t leave much space for a dining table and chairs. 

We have an open doorway through to the kitchen and breakfast bar, which is often where we sit to eat, so tend not to use the dining table as much as we could. But, I’ve felt for a long time, that the setup we have right now isn’t that practical and could be better. 

So, let me introduce you to the Vienna Table and Chairs Set from Out & Out. This is a gifted set of furniture, intended for us to use and try out, in exchange for writing this review. I’m going to give you my honest opinion and raise a variety of points which I hope will help you if you decide to purchase something similar. 

Review: Vienna Dining Set – Extending Table and 4 Chairs from Out & Out

Let me show how the dining den looked before we installed our new dining solution. 

The previous table was a small extending table but was quite bulky to extend and in fact we rarely used it, apart from me working there on occasion. 

It did look good when opened up, but felt chunky and was a real effort to work with. 

Dining table in pink dining room

However the oak style finish was a hang over from a previous decor and it never felt quite right to me. (We have since gifted it to a friend who will use it for the extended family at Christmas). 

So let’s welcome the brand new Vienna extendable dining set. 

Perfect in a more modern home, the Vienna fabric chairs with solid hardwood legs accompany the Abbey oval extending table. 

When collapsed it measures a very neat 106cms in width, and extended is a pleasant 136cms. The 4 chairs fit neatly around the table as you can see and look great in our modern dining den. 

Here’s how it collapses and extends – it’s a very simple mechanism and is light and easy to manoeuvre. Such a change from our previous table. 

I’ve been using the table and chairs for a few weeks now to get a really good feel for the combination and so I can report my findings in an honest way. 

What Have I Found:

Firstly the table and chairs are well made. They’re not high end but neither are they lower quality – at a reasonable £499 for the set, they are exactly what I’d expect. 

The table looks beautiful. It wipes clean easily – something you always need in a white table – and the mechanism works easily to extend the piece. It’s sturdy and solid and feels really stable. As a flat pack piece, it went together well and feels durable, hopefully with many years of use. 

The chairs were a little trickier to put together. The base legs didn’t all fit easily into the pre-drilled holes and it took several attempts to get them right. 

They’re firm to sit on, but the more I’ve used them, the more I like their solidity. They don’t give much, you won’t sink into their cushioning, but then I feel their firmness gives them more longevity. And it improves posture – the upright design of the chairs encourages and good seating position when either eating or working at the table. The design loving teenagers are very impressed. 

Overall Impression:

When I first put the pieces together I felt they may have been a little unsteady to use, the chairs particularly, but after sitting on them and using them every day I absolutely love this set.

It’s transformed our dining den, made it feel so much more elegant and contemporary, and it’s easy to use and wonderful to look at. 

The chairs are light and very easy to move around – we’re using them so much more than the previous set – and now they’ve bedded in, I love their design and feel. 

The price point is good. Currently, at the time of writing, the full set retails for £399 in the sale, with a usual retail price of £499. I’m more than happy that you get your money’s worth. 

Out & Out is a company I’ve used before. If you follow the blog you’ll know that last year I reviewed an outdoor garden dining set – again from Out & Out – and love that. A year on and two summers later, it’s looking as good as new. 

I’m very happy with the Vienna dining set and don’t hesitate in recommending it. It cleans up beautifully so whilst you might worry about a white table in a family home, don’t be put off. 

If you’d like to find out more about the Vienna Table and Chair set you can view the information on the website

And if you want to peruse the full Out & Out range, then take a look HERE. They have a beautiful new drinks cabinet and sideboard collection which is well worth checking out too. 

Jen x

Disclosure – the set was gifted for the purposes of updating my dining room and offering my thoughts in this blog post. All comments and opinions are honest and my own. 

Jen Stanbrook
Jen Stanbrook

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  1. Jayne Crammond
    October 15, 2019 / 1:18 pm

    I do love this style, with the mixed materials. The table looks sleek and functional, but the chairs still look plush and comfy to sit on. Great combo and they look fab in that space.

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