Review: Beautiful Vintage 100% Wool Rug from Moldabela

Today I’m showcasing a little update I’ve done in the living room by adding this beautiful vintage wool rug from Moldova made by Moldabela.

I used to have a set of two layered rugs in here but wanted to update the space and, as I’ve been working with the team at Moldabela for a little while, I was thrilled to try out one of their products in my own home. 

We’ve had it in here for a few weeks now and love it. 

I love the size – it’s a 1.6 x 2.3 metres – and the quality. It’s incredibly soft underfoot, even though many wool rugs can be harsh and rough. This really isn’t the case with this 100% wool rug, made in Moldova. 

Using traditions set out by UNESCO, the Moldabela brand creates quality wool rugs, in the Moldovan traditions but produces machine made, rather than handmade pieces. 

From the popular Bella collection – this is a stunning vintage rug that’s practical and easy to maintain. If you want to get technical, the pile is 7.5mm (0.3 inch), 2.6kg (5.73 lbs) per square metre. It’s deep but not shaggy, and produces a wonderful velvety feel on your bare feet. 

I love that fact that in Moldova rugs are more than practical domestic accessories: they are an expression of creativity, a form of art, and a statement of cultural identity.

How wonderful is that!

As you can see, the rich blues and pale greys work really well in my dark living room and the larger size fills the space really well. 

Find out more about my rug HERE

Here’s what they say about their products:

As Moldova’s largest producer of rugs we see ourselves as modern day ambassadors for the country’s celebrated carpet-making traditions. The quality of our rugs is therefore second to none: we only use the very finest 100% natural, renewable, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly wool to ensure a soft feel and stunning aesthetics.

I’ve been working closely with the team from Moldabela rugs and have had my hands on 6 of their stunning products in recent months. I can vouch for the quality of workmanship, the softness of the wool and the great designs too. 

Producing some styled shots for the Moldabela Amazon store, I put these rugs into different homes and thought you’d like to see how they look in different settings. There might be one here that you prefer, in terms of colouring and design so let me take you on a little tour……

This is the Gabeh Wool Rug in golds, reds and blues. A much brighter, more playful rug, ideal for homes decorated in natural shades, taupes and beiges. 

Shop this rug HERE

Next up is this classic wool rug in beige and blue. A much paler offering suiting those who prefer a more understated decor. Again, you the get the same quality of workmanship and soft, velvety finish. 

Shop this rug HERE

This next rug is one of my favourites, just for the colour palette and more contemporary feel. I love how it looked in my blogger friend, Catherine‘s house. 

Shop for this rug HERE

Finally, the classic medallion rug below is another beautiful 100% wool rug from Moldova in a soft, muted design. 

Shop this rug HERE

And now back to my own living room.

The walls are painted in a dark blue from Valspar and I still love the shade so am in no rush to change it. I do get bored with decor though and love updating it with small touches here and there. The shelves had a recent revamp and now the floor has been updated too. 

I’m falling in love with it all over again. 

What do you think of our new living room addition?

If you want to check out these beautiful rugs from Moldova – with three collections to choose from – Antique, Classic, and Bella – you’re sure to find a rug that’s perfect for your décor.

You can find more of these stunning rugs on the Moldabela Amazon Store. 

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Jen x

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