A Day at the Races with Christy: Royal Ascot 2017

There’s no doubt that blogging can bring fabulous experiences and I’ve been so lucky to experience some amazing times in the last few years. But what I love most about these trips are the connections and the relationships that I’m able to make as a result. That’s the special part. When you get the chance to meet new people, enjoy good times, laugh and have fun,  you come away knowing that the experience will stay with you for a very long time.

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited along to Royal Ascot. I’ve always had a love of horse racing. I grew up surrounded by the sport, often working in it in my teenage years, and whilst I had no direct contact with the horses, the love of racing has stayed with me.

So when Christy, a favourite brand of mine and sponsor of the event, asked me along to enjoy the day with them, I leaped at the chance.

Royal Ascot, well we’ve all heard of it I’m sure, is the pinnacle of the flat racing calendar. And it comes with great pomp and ceremony. It’s apparently the Queen’s favourite racing event too, and is attended by Her Majesty and many of the royal family. They were there at the time of our visit too.

Now I don’t show you too much personal stuff on the blog, but for today’s post you get a whole lot of me for a change. Keep reading for the home interiors bits though, I haven’t forgotten them.

Dress Code:

There is a very strict dress code; you can’t access Royal Ascot without wearing a hat or fascinator. We were guests in the Queen Anne Enclosure where you must wear at least a fascinator, and no bare shoulders either. It was a treat to dress up, I absolutely love putting on some finery and it was so cute to see everyone in their hats, dresses and morning suits on the train and even the Tube throughout the journey. I did have a flat pair of shoes in my bag though for later in the day, but managed to travel fairly light to keep the baggage to a minimum.

Dress:  Next Past Season || Shoes: Next || Fascinator: Ebay


You can’t go to Royal Ascot and not have a bet right? We pooled our funds and chose horses in every race (we had some tips from someone in the know. Well more informed than us anyway) but alas, it wasn’t our day. Just a £4 win on one of the races, made us down at least £60. Oh well. It’s all about the fun right.

At one point we needed to get closer to the racing so made our way through the enclosure down to the railings to watch a race as close as we could. The weather was glorious and as we watched the spectacular horses thunder past (whilst failing to get a good photo) it seemed the day couldn’t get any better.

But then afternoon tea arrived.


As you can imagine, the food was pretty special, from the lamb at lunch to the delectable afternoon tea, scones and cakes. I may have over indulged slightly, but why not eh.


Christy is an official sponsor of Royal Ascot and has produced some beautiful pieces in celebration of the event, on sale at the races and through the website. The towels are perfect for any sports day and come in a variety of striking colours as well as white. Treat yourself to a beautiful Ascot throw too, ideal for picnics and days at the races.

If you’re anything like me you have a cupboard full of towels (like my cushions!) and use them to dress and colour  your bathrooms too.

Plus, if you love Christy like I do, you’ll know about their bedding too….. this is currently one of my favourites. Rain Forest Green and at the time of writing, it’s in the sale.

You can shop the full Christy Ascot collection HERE.

So a huge thanks to Christy for a fabulous day, here’s to a visit next year now I think I have the Royal Ascot bug.

Have you ever been to Ascot or the races in general?

Commissioned post – thanks for supporting the brands the make the blog possible. 

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    July 3, 2017 / 2:12 pm

    I feel hungry staring at those cake.

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