What’s your home interiors style?

I must admit it took me a long time to discover my own home interiors style. Have I found it now? I guess, to be honest it’s still evolving and changing.

Not mine but I wish it was!

If you aren’t sure what your style is look around your home and compare it to other peoples. There will be bits and bobs that you have that others don’t. And vice versa of course.  I think we all have our own style in our own ways it’s just that sometimes we don’t always feel confident with it.

I remember when I bought the house we own now. Ten years ago. This was the house I was buying with my now husband.

I was totally and utterly design happy. I created a scrapbook full of all my ideas for the style, design and interiors in every room. I cut out pictures from magazines, collected scraps of fabric and paint swatches. I was in heaven! At the time I had a very clear idea of what each of the rooms was going to look like. But when I look back I didn’t actually use a lot of those ideas. When it came to it and we moved in many of those ideas didn’t work and they’d just been my own design dreams. That was ok though. This was my starting point and it was how the ‘look’ for each room grew into what it became over the coming months and years.

Obviously I do enjoy, and get a real buzz out of hunting down the interiors for a new decorating project, and that won’t be everyone’s idea of fun. But all you need to do is find one item you like, perhaps a vase, a cushion, a picture or even the wallpaper, and start there. The colours, the style, the ‘look’ will all develop from that one item. Just give it time. Stick the wallpaper swatch to the wall, paint on the sample colour or pop the vase on a shelf and see how you like it. Be patient. Live with it. And don’t worry if you then decide that you don’t actually like it! We all make mistakes and we often change our minds!

The most important thing is to have fun creating your style and your home. Keep it practical; make it work for you and your family and just give it a go!

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