The Benefits of Shelving for Small Space Living

Living in a small space can be a challenge, especially when it comes to storage.

With the right storage solutions, it’s possible to make the most of even the tiniest of homes.

Shelving is one storage solution that can be a game-changer for small space living, providing a place to store and display your belongings while keeping your home organised and clutter-free.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of shelving for small space living, and we’ve got some great tips and ideas for incorporating shelving into your different rooms within your home. Let’s dig in!

Small Homes Shelving Ideas

I’ve long been a fan of shelving in my home as a way to provide storage for items like books, vases, ornaments, candles and much more. I’m also keen on using accent colours throughout my shelving displays to add interest and finishing touches to a room’s decor.

Small Living Room Shelving Ideas

Image from Dormy House

When you don’t have a lot of floor space, you’ll want shelving ideas that maximise the space you do have in the room. Here are a few ways to incorporate shelving solutions into your small living room.

  1. Use open shelving to display your books and personal belongings like vases, treasures and trinkets. Keep it minimal so as not to clutter up your small room.
  2. Use a floating shelf above the sofa to display artwork. This can look really stylish and uses space on the wall that might otherwise be forgotten.
  3. Add a vertical ladder shelving system. This minimises the space used on the floor but still allows for great storage ideas in your small living room.
  4. Modular storage. Creating a bespoke shelving system allows you to use the space you do have to its maximum without wasting any precious areas.

Shelving in Cupboards

Kitchen Larder from Olive and Barr

Not all shelving has to be on display and storage solutions will benefit from incorporate things like racking which make the most of the space you have.

  1. Try and use adjustable shelving. Being able to move the shelving around to accommodate your immediate needs makes it much more useable and practical.
  2. Install racking. You can triple the storage practicality of a cupboard by installing some shelving or a racking system, to allow for better organisation of your stored items.
  3. Use under shelf storage baskets. Adding baskets or drawers beneath a shelf helps utilise often dead space that would otherwise be wasted. Ikea has great solutions in their modular Pax wardrobe system for example.

Small Bedroom Shelving Storage Ideas

We all need more space in a small bedroom so the room feel more streamlined and relaxing. Using shelving solutions as a way to store more of our belongings is a flexible and practical way to do just that. Here are a few suggestions.

  1. Install shelves above your bed to create additional storage space for books, decorative objects, or even clothing and accessories. You can use floating shelves, bookshelves, or even a combination of both.
  2. Consider using a corner shelving unit to make the most of an unused corner in your bedroom.The corner of the room is often underused and a small bedroom needs to use all the available space.
  3. Add shelves or cubbies above your wardrobe system to create additional storage space for items that you don’t use regularly, such as out-of-season clothing or luggage. Obviously keep them well stored in decorative boxes so they stay clean and dust-free.

Small Home Office Shelving

I know only too well the necessity of good shelving storage in a small home office. Now we both work from home, good storage is essential in our small space, so it stays organised and free from clutter.

  1. Add a shelving system above your desk. This enables easy access of essential files, books and stationery whilst you work and keeps things organised and tidy.
  2. Use a combination of open and closed shelving. Not everything is worthy of being on display! As such, having doors on your shelving system is essential, and in a small office, help the room feel more streamlined.
  3. Add some rolling shelves. Putting your shelving solution on wheels means it can be moved around easily from one area to another – a perfect shelving solution for a small home office.

Garage Shelving Storage

If you’re lucky enough to have a garage attached to your small home, this is your storage saviour! Here are some ideas for how you can use your garage space for shelving solutions.

  1. Use industrial racking around the edge of the garage to provide useful and practical storage. Using heavy-duty metal shelving units to create sturdy storage for heavy items such as power tools, automotive parts, and equipment.
  2. Install wire shelving units to store items that are prone to collecting dust, such as seasonal decorations, sporting equipment, or gardening tools. The open design of wire shelving allows for easy airflow and makes it easy to see and access your items.
  3. Install shelving units on the walls of your garage to create vertical storage space. This can free up floor space and make it easier to move around in your garage.

Using clever shelving storage solutions in a small living space will help keep your lovely home organised, stylish and clutter free. Seek out solutions that serve your purpose, work with your space and budget and add practical touches to your home.

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