Genius Storage Ideas for Small Bedroom Organisation

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How do you fit everything into a small bedroom? The answer is clever storage solutions!

We aren’t all blessed with spacious bedrooms, particularly in the UK. In my own Victorian semi, we have one very small bedroom – the box room – and for years it acted as a bedroom to our youngest daughter. 

Fitting everything into that room, including the bed, wardrobe, clothes and accessories was tough. We needed storage hacks, the right furniture for a small bedroom and lots of ideas and tips to make the most of the small room

We learned a lot from that experience, and as I write from that very room which is now a home office, I want to share some of the ways in which you can make a small bedroom feel bigger with great storage ideas. 

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The Best Small Bedroom Storage Ideas

Here’s a snapshot of the small bedroom storage solutions we have collated to help you make the most of your space. 

  1. Under Bed Storage Ideas
  2. Closet and Wardrobe Solutions
  3. Bedside Table Storage Ideas
  4. Small Bedroom Chest of Drawers
  5. Small Bedroom Door Hacks
  6. Storage Ottomans for Small Bedrooms
  7. Small Bedroom Dead Space Ideas. 

Now, let’s take each of those ideas and look at how to use them in your home.

1. Under Bed Storage Ideas

Beautiful Feather and Black Ottoman bed from

Let’s firstly talk about the bed and how, even if you have a tiny bedroom, the bed frame is one of the most important pieces you’ll have. Whether you choose a stand alone frame, or go for a divan style bed, you should aim to maximise the space below. You can use under-bed storage ideas, like slim storage boxes, or a storage bed itself. Either work well and provide a good place to store larger items.

These are some of the items I’d recommend storing under or in your bed:

  1. Seasonal clothes.
  2. Spare shoes
  3. Towels and bedding
  4. Handbags!
  5. Holiday essentials
  6. Kids toys
  7. Spare duvets and pillows

What kind of bed is good for a small bedroom?

In a small bedroom, the goal is to maximise the space and avoid making the room feel cluttered. For that I love the idea of a storage bed like the example below from Pepper Sq at As a piece of furniture this looks amazing but it’s also a great way to offer a lot of extra storage in a tiny space.

Is a Loft Bed good for a small bedroom?

Loft beds are great in a kids’ small bedroom. They give lots of extra storage space underneath the bed area, and many come with built in desks and chest of drawers too. We had a platform bed for our daughter for years and it was an easy way of gaining lots of extra floor space in a very tiny bedroom.

Cabin bed with wardrobe from Arthauss at

What kind of bed makes a small bedroom look bigger?

If you want the bedroom to look bigger then try a bed base minus the headboard. Many of these bases come with storage drawers which offer great space saving solutions and allow the room to feel bigger and more spacious.

2. Closet and Wardrobe Solutions

White sliding door wardrobe from Arthauss at

Even a small bedroom needs closet space. Wardrobes need enough space to hold clothes, shoes, accessories and more. One of the biggest problems is around the closet door, and that’s why I would always recommend sliding doors. They’re a great idea, won’t take up a lot of space when opened and look neat and uncluttered.

How do you fit a wardrobe in a small bedroom?

The answer here is to find one that fits the room’s dimensions, that doesn’t take up too much space yet still allows for ample storage of all your essentials. If you only have a small space to play with, then try a single wardrobe, and add a mirror to maximise natural light. Small guest bedrooms benefit from stylish clothes rails, like the one below.

Does a fitted wardrobe make a small bedroom look smaller?

Done well, a fitted wardrobe offers built-in storage which can help a small bedroom feel more streamlined, neat and spacious. Find a joiner who can build you a bespoke wardrobe if you have awkward spaces.

What colour wardrobe is best for a small bedroom?

A white wardrobe is the obvious answer here, but an even better solution is to colour drench the room. It’s a big bedroom trend in 2023 – match your wardrobe to the walls and watch it disappear into the background. It’s a great trick that every interior designer calls on.

3. Bedside Table Storage Solutions

Small, neat bedside table perfect for a small bedroom

The bedside table or nightstand is a great place to keep all your small items together. You may not have much floor space next to the bed so it’s a good idea to mount shelving on the wall if necessary.

The good news is that bedside tables come in all shapes and sizes and there’s bound to be one to suit your budget.

The one above is neat and modern, ideal for a small bedroom and works beautifully in small homes. Available through

When choosing your bedside table, I’d recommend considering the following:

  1. Storage options: Do you want drawers or shelves? In a small bedroom go for drawers to store your everyday items out of sight. Whilst shelving offers easy access, it can also encourage clutter by the side of the bed.
  2. Colour. Keep the colour light and bright, even with a mirrored or gloss finish to help bounce light. Or go for my colour drenching idea as suggested above.
Small bedside table from Wayfair at

Should a bedside table be higher or lower than the bed?

The bedside table should be at a comfortable height next to the bed. Too low and you’ll struggle to reach its contents, too high and it becomes impractical.

4. Small Bedroom Chest of Drawers

Painted chest of drawers available at

It’s possible you won’t fit a chest of drawers into your small bedroom, and may choose to find extra space in a built-in wardrobe to hold all your clothes. But if you do want a piece of furniture like this, consider these points before you make your purchase:

  1. Slim and Tall. A taller, slimmer chest will house just as much as a wider, shorter piece but make more use of the height in the room, requiring less floor space.
  2. Coordination. Ensure it’s in keeping with the decor in the room, matches the other furniture or blends in with the colour of the walls. Dark pieces like the one above can work very well in a small bedroom.
  3. Slim Handles. Why not choose a model with no handles for a sleek and uncluttered look in the small space.

5. Small Bedroom Door Hacks

Need a few bedroom door hacks to make the most of your small bedroom? There are a few ways to make the most of a bedroom door in your compact bedroom. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Back of the Door Storage. Shoe racks make great spaces for lots of things other than shoes. Hair brushes, jewellery, even kids’ toys.
  2. Reverse Open the Door. Need more space in the small bedroom? Hang the door to open out away from the room – just make sure there’s enough space in the hallway.
  3. Install a Sliding Door. Not every home can do this but adding a pocket door to your small bedroom entryway is a fantastic way make more space.
  4. Over the Door Hooks. We bought these for my daughter when she went to University Halls. They’re a simple way to add more hanging space to a small bedroom.

6. Storage Ottoman for Small Bedrooms

Stunning blue velvet storage ottoman from

One of the most forgotten areas of the small bedroom is the foot of the bed. It’s a great place to add a storage ottoman – perfect for seating and storage of things like your extra linens. We actually keep our family files and essential documents in ours! If you happen to live in a small home, you may need to use the space for things other than usual bedroom items.

7. Small Bedroom Dead Space Ideas

You’d be surprised at how much dead space you can find in a small bedroom. The trick is to keep the room feeling as spacious as possible – it can be a fine line.

  1. Over the door bookshelves – the perfect place to keep your favourite books and make use of a forgotten area.
  2. Wicker baskets – use them as decorative pieces to store essential beauty products
  3. Decorative boxes – add them to the tops of wardrobes to hold paperwork, memorabilia or even hats!
  4. Vertical Space – look high and long. Invest in a tall jewellery storage unit for the wall to make good use of the space.
Stunning jewellery armoire from Wayfair at

Whatever solutions you try to help your small bedroom feel bigger and to find clever storage ideas that keep the room organised, we hope you enjoy the process. I am a huge fan of using every bit of space in a small room, of keeping items well ordered and organised, so you can enjoy the room’s design and layout, and get a good night’s sleep!

I also hope you enjoy using to find the perfect piece of furniture for your small bedroom, your home and your garden, and that it saves you time, money and stress in your search.

Do let me know if you use the website and how you get on.

Jen x


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